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My sister and I are the co-founders of M17021 travel service. We came to Bangkok to study 13 years ago. Now, we are long-time Bangkok residents and became have been registered as Thailand tour guides 5 years ago. A wise man said "you will not appreciate what you have until you lose it or hear it praised by others". We agree with that since we have learned an appreciation of our surroundings by hearing our clients praise the sites we visited together.

As a tour service provider, our mission and ultimate goal is "to provide quality services for our guests in order to be happy, have fun and spend a wonderful time with them during and after their journey". It means our clients should have nice time and experience authentic Thai culture, learn about our Thai heritage, and tale away lovely stories and smile as they share their happy memories with people back home.

We are a small and private company and we treat local people, our staff, and our partners with respect by sharing fair benefits and showing deep respect so we do not disturb the culture, environment and unique, original ways of the local people. We are an officially registered Thai tour operator, owned and operated by native Thais, so all benefit are shared back into the local community.
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 1  Mike / Bangkok trip
I had a wonderful time in BKK and enjoyed your company. You are a very thoughful and kind lady. I wish you well in your futher endeavors, and please give my regards to Eng.

Thanks, Mike

 2  Deborah / Thailand trip
We often talk about our trip to Thailand as the best we have ever taken (and we've been on quite a few), and we believe much of that sentiment was due to Eng's professionalism, vitality and expertise. Not only was she able to customize our itinerary via email long before we arrived (her English is amazing!!), but she was more than happy to modify it on the fly once we arrived, to accommodate how we were feeling on any given day.

Eng had a knack for planning events and outings that not only ... view more matched what we were looking for, but also ensured we weren't doing the same types of things multiple times (i.e. visiting nothing but temples). We left absolutely everything in her hands - sightseeing, meal planning, travel and hotel bookings, etc. - and as a result we could focus on enjoying the experience, not wasting time trying to identify what to do. Eng also put an emphasis on visiting many non-tourist areas (at our request), so that we could get a feel for life and customs in Thailand. The experience was unforgettable.

We would highly, highly recommend Eng and her services, without reservation. And when we go back, which we will, we will definitely be using her again. She made us feel very comfortable in a country where we didn't know what to expect. We consider her a friend. Feel free to forward this to whomever you wish.

Best personal regards,
Deb and Dan , Ontario , CA

 3  Tab / Bangkok trip
We would to thank you and want to let you know that we enjoyed Bangkok very much. We appreciate you help. Our kids thought you were informative, interesting and liked your service very much. We have sent the picture and hope you enjoy the picture of you with reflected in your sunglasses at the Temple . We look forward to recommending your services in Bangkok in the future. One last thing, we would like to thank you for helping us book our flights from Phuket to Bangkok and arranging the "James Bond" ... view more canoe trip when we were in Phuket.
Tab Hauser

 4  Martin. / Thailand and Cambodia trip
Dear Sirilak,

Got back home in Nairobi earlier today after an interesting two weeks in Thailand and Cambodia. All in all a well organized tour with interesting excursions in both countries. Thank you for all your help, guidance and making things happen, all your inputs have been very valuable and much appreciated! Will certainly return again to explore more of Thailand and its surrounding countries. Attached the completed survey form as promised.

Best wishes,