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Our company has a newly renovated farmhouse located approximately 4 acres of rolling hills within walking distance of the village of Proceno. The origin of the farmhouse is not known. In this are of Italy there are many farmhouses built and renovated over many generations.

The house was purchased in 2000. Following two year of intensive restoration under the watchful eye of a renowned architect from Rome, this dilapidated farmhouse was transformed into a beautiful home with every detail regrading comfort and convenience being taken into consideration along the way.
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 1  grietje stam / a perfect honeymoon
What a wonderful place to be for our honeymoon. We enjoyed the house and the beautifully surrounding. So perfect, we never dreamed about this. The house is very well equipped and luxuriated. Everything is there. The swimming pool with the light in the evening made it even more romantic. Thank you so much for having us.