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On the border of Pakistan, Rajasthan, one of India's most arid states, hosts numerous ethnic groups struggling to survive and preserve their cultural identities in a uniquely hostile environment. The loss of traditional peoples royal employment as mercenaries and herdsman has left a huge economic and cultural gap. Today, the fast growing pressures of modernization, new borders and travel limitations require a different lifestyle. If they are to survive intact, these tribal peoples need assistance, education and new economic opportunities that, while preserving cultural pride, will provide a viable alternative to moving to large cities and becoming acculturated beggars.

Native Planet and Indian NGO Nitigat help traditional peoples succeed in their own communities by offering education and economic development, helping prevent water shortages, providing basic health assistance and helping them secure their human rights. We recruit and train volunteers from each community, support its self-empowerment and then document the beauty of their culture to share with the world.
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