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For nearly 50 years our company has organized Portuguese Language Courses during which time thousands of students have experienced that special blend of efficiency and cordiality typical of Portugal, ensuring that our school maintains its international reputation as a competent and friendly language institute.
The teaching methods have become more sophisticated, audio-visual systems refined, and a greater variety of options have been made available to students.
The school’s teaching staff have been producing teaching materials for many years which, after publication, became the leading teaching materials worldwide.
Our school offers high quality teaching, combining flexibility, competence and friendliness. We believe our responsibilities are not confined to the four walls of the classroom: the aim is to provide students with a full cultural experience.
The age of our students ranges from 16 to 80, the motivation to learn the Portuguese language varies as widely as the nationalities.
The school's courses are recognized by the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Social Affairs for professional training, by the Bildungsurlaub authorities in Germany and by US Universities for credits.
Our school is a founding member of IALC the leading international association for independent language schools.
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