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Established in 1995, M17388 is proud to offer a variety of whole-sale tour packages and specialized programs for travelers to China and Southeast Asia. With a full staff of professionals in tours, groups, airline ticketing, reservations and consultation, M17388 has pledged itself in offering the most in service, quality and competitive pricing within the industry. Not only does the company’s tour department provide leisure excursions for individuals and groups, M17388 specializes in arranging business meetings and customized tours for various industry professionals as well as for cultural and sister city and state exchanges.

During recent years, the company has successfully conducted several large-scale educational and cultural exchange tours of high school, college and professional school students to China and Southeast Asia, ranging from women’s soccer competition, to Chinese Martial Arts exchange, and to MBA student site research. There is little the company cannot do or provide concerning trips to China or Southeast Asia.
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