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Guided Motorcycle and ATV Tours in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan. Rent motorcycles, ATV, tourist equipment.It may seem to you to be little?! But it is only several weeks, which will pass quickly, but will be always in your memory, as the most original and unforgettable trip in your life. To imbue all roads of the Central Asia – the whole summer even will not be enough. Don’t be afraid to travel and spend your time for new discoveries and adventures. See yourself and touch through wheels of your motorcycle the Great Silk Way. Marko Polo, the brave traveler (1254-1324) wasn’t afraid of passing that way by a horse in his time. All modern travelers, which make round-the-worldwide voyages by motorbikes, try obligatory to pass that way currently. Ewan McGregor, the famous actor didn’t delete the difficult site of the Great Silk Way, which lay across the Kazakhstan territory, from his route during his round-the-world motorcycle voyage (2004) with his retinue, because he understood, that if to ride under the popular tourist routes of the Central Asia, the trip will be simple, easy and less interesting. May be, your names will not be included into the world history, as names of pioneers, but you can do it yourself, and your names will be included into the Silk OFF ROAD history.
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