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Kevan Bracewell comes from a Cariboo-Chilcotin pioneer ranching family and is a third generation guide outfitter. Since 1990, we have combined our knowledge and skills, and have developed a unique variety of adventures for our guests. It is our goal to manage our guide territory for the finest wilderness experience possible. We manage our resources in cooperation with the respective government agencies. Our individual management plans for the resources, such as Range and Wildlife, make up our Guide Area Plan.

The management of our resources is a large part of our daily operations, and we provide many opportunities for guest involvement. For example, guides and guests use our wildlife sighting forms to bring back information on specific wildlife herds for accurate population counts. Our guests participate in the collection of Grizzly hair samples from rub trees for DNA analysis to determine movements, home ranges and populations.

Our 600 hectare private woodlot is an important part of our tourism business because it provides a training ground for many of our education programs. An extensive guest orientation is provided at the beginning of horse trips, and this sets the stage for safe participation. This theme continues throughout each trip. Special features, such as reliable mountain Cayuse horses with "taps" on our stirrups, staff training and the matching of guests to trip levels, all attest to our commitment to safety.
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