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Owner of the company: Alicia Slullitel de Nachez. Teacher of English at the Teachers´ Training College is Olga Cossettini. Postítulo en Inglés (UNR). Has delivered lectures and seminars on English grammar.

M17460 was founded in 1995 as a school of languages. The first language offered was English; in the course of the years, new languages were incorporated:
*English in 1995
*Portuguese in 1997
*Italian in 1997
*Spanish for Foreigners in 1997
*French in 2000
*German in 2001
*Japanese in 2002
*Chinese in 2004
*Spanish for Chinese Speakers in 2006

At M17460 we offer:
*Regular language courses
*Specific language courses: Tourism, Business, etc
*Professional Development Courses for Teachers
*Workshops: conversation, Literature, Tango, etc
*Preparation for International Exams.

Our benefits:
*We have 10 years of experience teaching Spanish
*All our courses and certificates are based on the internationally recognized Common European Framework
*We are always ready to help our students inside and outside the Institute. We have specialists in the area of education as well as in recreation. We participate actively in group trips and our team is always available to provide necessary support during classes.
*Our teachers are highly qualified and acquainted with the latest insights into language learning
*Reduced groups which help create a friendly and relaxed atmosphere where students can ask questions, share their experiences, and express their opinions
*We offer high academic quality at competitive costs.

Our school is one of the founding members of Argentina Association of Centers for Teaching Spanish for Foreigners. Our school is proud to have been invited by both the Secretary of Tourism and the Government of Argentina to participate in the International Fair of Education and Culture, and in 2006 and 2007 as members of Argentina Association of Centers for Teaching Spanish for Foreigners in Berlin, Germany and San Pablo, Brazil.
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