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If you are looking for high quality, professional mandarin teachers; charming facilities; small class sizes; warm, personal attention; and the most affordable rates, you have come to the right place.
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High Quality Professional Mandarin Teachers:

M17675 interviews all teachers thoroughly and checks their backgrounds to make sure they are qualified, professional, and experienced. M17675 puts a high value on personality and makes sure all teachers are friendly and delightful.

Charming Facilities:

M17675's beautiful downtown campuses are centrally located 5 minutes walking distance from Jingan Temple Station (Metro Line 2). Understanding that facilities can have a significant impact on students' learning abilities, every classroom is quiet so that students can focus on their lessons. During your class break, relax on the balcony and view Shanghai.

Small Class Sizes:

Class sizes will be no larger than 8 students (averaging 4 or 5). M17675 is only successful if students learn and enjoy their experience. With small class sizes, the aim is to maximize personal attention and minimize classroom disturbances.

Warm, Personal Attention:

Let M17675's teachers and staff assist you with any of your needs in China. M17675 can help you organize trips (from planning to booking tickets), obtain/extend your visa, find hotel/apartment accommodations, or any other requests. While studying at M17675, the staff will do anything they can to make your life easier and more enjoyable.

Most Affordable Rates:

With M17675's most affordable rates, students will have extra spending money to experience all the wonderful things China has to offer. M17675 was set up extremely efficiently and because of that students benefit.

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