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M17696, reflecting its "intensive” language programs, was founded in 1980. The length of study program can be as short as one week or as long as a year. M17696 has three school sites, two in the capital of San José, San Pedro and Escazú, and the other in Alajuela, the country's second largest town near the international airport. All sites provide easy access to restaurants, stores, theaters and malls.

At our institute we believe that relaxation through recreation is an important ingredient of any immersion study program. Therefore, we have supplemented the instruction program with a cultural program, which includes home stay with a Costa Rican family, field trips, Latin American dance lessons, cooking lessons and tours through the lush, green picturesque countryside to breathtaking tropical beaches.

Your experience at our institute will long be remembered, not only for providing you with your new language proficiency, but also for the unforgettable, pleasant experiences and new friends that were yours in Costa Rica, an extra dividend of your immersion program.
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