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M17703 school after a long time of researching aims to develop a methodology that will have a more modern approach. Primarily the main objectives are to work on the students weakest areas such as listening, speaking, writing and reading. This methodology is "The Communicative Approach". This method not only happens in the classroom, but also out of it in stimulating and suggestive environments. Our method is efficient and guarantee the learning of a new language in an efficient and quick way.

Making use of modern materials, with an objective based around the students needs. M17703 school keeps on growing, associating a different teaching methodology, with highly trained teachers who have studied abroad, wit local knowledge of language. With globalization, everyday more adults and children need to learn a language in a short time, but with quality and agility. The material we use has been specially developed to teach portuguese and other languages in a very focused way, depending on the students needs.

Our school offers a very pleasant atmosphere with small groups and individual private classes. We also have day trips and parties organized by the staff, showing that learning doesn't only happen in the classroom. Making the results expected from us, faster and more interesting. Our methodology is revolutionary because the student will practice conversation from the first day of classes, and improve their language skills with a rhythm of learning that can be noticed easily. With a pedagogic proposal that allows the student to invest in knowledge in a short period of time.
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