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The Spanish language

Spanish is one of the Romance languages in the Italic subfamily of the Indo-European language family. Spanish is the native language of 332 million people in the world. Spanish is the official language of Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, Dominican Republic, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Ecuador, Panama, Nicaragua and Venezuela. Also it is spoken in several other nations: Canada, Morocco, the Philippines, and the United States.

Why study Spanish in Antigua Guatemala?

Antigua is warm, semi-tropical, charming town. The historical environment of Antigua Guatemala will make your stay productive and relaxing. The life here is simple but with modern conveniences, and “Antigua has a lower crime rate than many places in the U.S.,”. In Antigua, Latin American Spanish is spoken with an extremely pure accent making it easy to be understood throughout Latin America and the Spanish school “Cima del Mundo” delights in utilizing this to the full benefit of its students.

Why study Spanish at our school?

Our spanish school offers courses one on one, all year round, flexible and shifting schedules, well trained teachers, competitive prices, learning materials, comfortable lodging, free services and a great atmosphere.
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