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Whole operation has been established after long years of experience in the tourism industry. The 2 partners have been working on the field practically for over last 10 years. Specializing on Dive Travel sector mostly, while we also provide Leisure Holiday packagers who love to do resort holidays. The Maldives is renowned throughout the world as a top class diving destination. Loved by visitors for its charming natural beauty, the islands are ringed by white sandy beaches leading to turquoise waters and reefs where marine life is rich and diverse.

Mantas, sting rays, turtles, whale sharks, and various types of corals add vitality to the marine environment while multi-colored fish enrich the unique diving experience. We provide divers an opportunity to experience the marvelous diving sites of the Maldives in our live aboard Eagle Ray. If you are a novice diver or experienced in diving, we will offer enough activities to make your holiday in the Maldives a cherished experience. In addition to enjoying the breathtaking underwater beauty of the Maldives, we will also take you to inhabited islands where culture and tradition has thrived for centuries.

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