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M17818 is located in beautiful colonial San Cristobal de Las Casas in Chiapas, southern Mexico. Come and explore this wonderful area with us and get to know the interesting people of Chiapas. On our custom multi-day tours we eat and sleep where the locals do, going inn-to-inn.

Ursula, a native of Switzerland has lived in Mexiko since 1993.
She has run M17818 since 1994 renting the best bikes in town and leading tourists exploring the surrounding mountains and villages by bike. She also has been leading 2 week Cycling tours in other states of México. She is fluent in English, German and of course Spanish.

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 1  Marc Gendron / Fantastic Experience
Ursala, the guide, was absolutely fantastic. It didn't seem just like a guided tour, it seemed like a personal itinerary that had been catered specifically for me. She was knowledgeable and friendly and willing to go out of her way to book additional tours in the area for me and recommend great places to stay.

Through the entire booking process I had many questions about the area, the type of riding and other details that I considered important; Ursala was prompt in her replies and made me feel ... view more very comfortable even before I arrived.
When I did arrive, I was to meet with Ursala at a certain time, however my bus was late and I missed the meeting time. Ursala made sure to leave a message with the hostel where I was staying that we could meet later. She left her number and she went out of her way to accommodate my late arrival. It was a fantastic experience all around and I hope that others get the chance to ride with her. She also does tours in Costa Rica which I hope to take part in sometime.

Marc Gendron