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We are a company with a single mission: “Give our guests unforgettable experiences”. We greatly prefer using the word “guest” over “client” or “customer”. As a client you get perfect service and a "five-star" all-inclusive programme everywhere. We, however, honour you as our own guests. We will show you Slovakia, our country with all of its charm, all of its secrets and all of its faults as well. The same way we see it, and the same way we love it. We will lead you to places full of history, tradition and craftsmanship. We will offer you wines to drink which carry within themselves the scent of our land and the tastes of the people who created them. Modest yet rich, friendly and with unforgettable sparkle at their core.

We are a company that will offer you not services but the experiences of Bratislava and the Small Carpathians wine region.

We are M17836. Bratislava and Wine Region. Quality and Experience Tours.

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