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ILISA is a medium-size language school located in a suburb of San José, Costa Rica. Our mission is to give you the language skills you need to help you develop yourself professionally or to allow you to better enjoy your travels. To reach these goals, we offer a variety of well-developed yet flexible programs.

Founded in 1987, ILISA has a team of qualified and dedicated Spanish teachers with many years of teaching experience. During our almost 20 years of existence, we have used this experience to train over 6.000 people from all over the world. Regardless of your background or current level of proficiency, ILISA will make your study rewarding and enjoyable. For your first step towards a professional yet personal approach to speaking better Spanish, start exploring our website now!

And, since March 2005, we have a second campus in Panama city, right next to the Panama Canal.

ILISA offers an outstanding curriculum developed just for you, the student; a variety of learning options tailored to your needs.

Our most popular course is the executive program. In case you need to learn Spanish in a very short period of time and you wish to be totally immersed in the language, we offer you the 8 hours per day executive program specially designed for your needs as it is composed of 7 hours of private class instruction and one lunch hour with your teacher. It is an ideal program for executives who need to learn or better their Spanish as fast as possible and also for people who wish to move to a Spanish speaking country shortly.

We have custom made instruction for professionals of various backgrounds: teachers, medical doctors or assistants, dentists, lawyers, language therapists, psychologists, business people, military officers, diplomats, USCG, social workers and nurses.

We are also proud to offer a unique course for real estate agents who work with or for companies with interest in Latin America.

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