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M18094 has been devoted to Spanish Language education in Quetzaltenango since 1991. We offer one of the best programs in town. With our emphasis on quality Spanish Language education, trained and professional teaching staff, friendly and accommodating families and diverse calendar of activities and events, we guarantee your satisfaction!

To ensure that you receive the best experience possible, we hold the following as our most important goals:

- To teach students to speak, read and write Spanish while experiencing cultural, social, and political aspects of Guatemala and all Latin America.

- To create jobs for teachers at fair wages and provide supplemental income tot he families of Quetzaltenango.

- To train teachers to be able to teach the Spanish Language effectively to open doors of opportunity for them.

- To offer students a more enriching and fulfilling experience by getting them involved in volunteer opportunities.

- To assist local organizations by acting as a link between volunteers and the organizations in need, and by supporting, organizing and developing projects that address political, social, agricultural, medical and cultural issues in and around the Quetzaltenango area.

To meet these goals, EducaciĆ³n para Todos: Spanish Language School and Volunteer Center was developed. Our program provides the most effective learning experience by immersing the student in the language and culture of Guatemala. This is achieved through an intensive, 5- hour one-on-one study program, living with a Guatemalan family, volunteering with a local organization, and weekly-organized cultural, social and political events.

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