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If you are looking for quality Spanish language schools, M18116 in Guadalajara and our partner school in Playa Del Carmen are recognized for being among the finest Spanish Language schools in Latin America. Both schools offer programs that are backed with over 36 years of experience. Above all the rest we have a large selection of Spanish Language courses; you may choose from beginners´ immersion classes to one on one class for specific purposes. Both locations are advantageous to live in and our extra-curricular activities are both educational and fun. Let us help you choose the Spanish program that is just right for you!

Study Spanish abroad at our premier location in beautiful Guadalajara, Mexico or at our partner school located in Playa Del Carmen. Guadalajara has been declared, “The Most Mexican City,” because of its authenticity and non-commercialization and the birthplace of Tequila beverage and Mariachi music. It basks in the glory of its past, while celebrating its promising place in the future. Here you will find all of the modern conveniences of a major metropolitan area gracefully blended with all there is to love about Mexico’s past. Playa Del Carmen is located along the Mayan Riviera and is the perfect location for beach enthusiasts. With Spanish classes starting every Monday, you can begin your Latin American adventure right away.

In addition to quality instruction in the classroom, our school in Guadalajara and Playa Del Carmen offers something very unique to Spanish Language students. In the same facility, you will have access to participate in a Latin American cultural exchange program with other students that you won’t find with any other Spanish Language course. There are limitless benefits to joining together with native speakers for conversation classes, dance lessons, Karaoke, ceramics classes, guitar lessons and field trips. These students are excited to share their language and traditions with you and are eager to learn about yours. You will find no other Spanish course with such valuable interaction.

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