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The Whales are Here - Sydney. An awe-inspiring experience. Yes, now is the time to book to experience seeing these majestic whales close up. The Whales are coming back to Sydney in winter. A large number of whales migrate along the Australian coastline to their feeding and breeding grounds. As a part of their migratory path, many Humpbacks and Southern Right Whales swim very close to the coastline around Sydney. Sydney is a very lucky to experience whales from late May until late November in 2 migrations each year.

Our Eco Whale Watching is a very personalized tour. One major advantage of small numbers is there will be plenty of space and no crowds. We have a number of charters which leave on:

* Tuesday
* Wednesday
* Thursday
* Friday
* Saturday
* Sunday

Responsible Whale Watching - Code of Practice - to ensure these wonderful creatures and their environment are protected.

M18141 practices Responsible Whale Watching, understanding that we need to minimize disturbance to the whales, and to follow the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Guidelines. Experienced Company M18141 has been running Eco Whale Watching Tours from Sydney Harbor since year 2000. Featured on Channel 9 Getaway Travel Show - July 2004. In July 2004, we featured on the Channel 9 Getaway Travel show for the quality of our Eco Whale Watching services.

As well we featured on:

* International Asian television feature in 2004.
* the Sun-herald on 31 May 2005
* the Disney Channel in July 2005.
* NRMA Magazine - May 2006
* The Weather Channel - May 2006
* The Weather Channel - June 2006
* Where Travel Magazine - June 2006
* Disney Show - Channel 7 - June 2006
* Sydney Weekender - Sydney Morning Herald - June 2006
* 2GB Radio - Travel Show - July 2006
* Qantas magazine - July 2006
* The Australian - July 2006
* Sunday Telegraph - July 2006
* NineMSM - Travel Section - July 2006

M18141 looks forward to you getting out there with you and enjoying the Eco Whale Watching Season. Come Sail with the Whales.

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