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Owner - John Friswell, Chief Instructor - 1st Parachute Jump 17th May 1970 age 18yrs, 6,202 jumps 20th June 2006.

Parachute/Flying Qualifications:
* Parachute Instructor since 1974
* Senior Parachute Instructor.”A” Chief Instructor Since 1978
* Parachute Examiner Static Line/Tandem/AFF examiner,
* Parachute Rigger since 1982
* Display License examiner/ Large Flag Displays
* Commercial Balloon pilot/Chief Pilot AOC No. AF 114519
* Balloon Pilot Instructor
* Balloon engineer LAME license
* Hang gliding, & parapont pilot,
* Sailplane glider pilot, (C certificate)
* Ultralight pilot
* Ultralight instructor,
* Licensed pilot normal category & aerobatic since 1972 aircraft owner.
* Jump Pilot since 1981 apx 450hrs jump pilot experience

Sporting Achievements:
* 1974 Gold Medal National Australian Skydiving Championships
* 1975 Gold Medal National Australian Skydiving Championship
* 1976 World Cup South Africa Australian team
* 1983 China World Cup Australian team

* 1970-1984 various sales rep. Jobs mostly sales Developing Skydiving and Flying Skills
* 1985-1992 Sports Aviation specialist with the Civil Aviation Authority (Qld) Admin, Surveillance of all Sport aviation activities i.e.: Ballooning, Skydiving, Ultralight, Gyrocopter, Hang Gliding, and Sailplane. Investigation and assisting Bureau of Air Safety, in major incidents and accident
* To the present day Hot air Balloon Charter Operator/Skydiving School operator/Tandem Skydiving and Instructor training School.
* Total active Aviation Parachuting/Flying Experience 35 years

M18151 est. 1992 has its own airport and School facilities and has grown to be Australia's largest Static Line training organization.

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