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M18181 is situated in a residential and affluent area called "Kappara" San Gwann in the limits of Sliema, Paceville, St. Julian's area. The building itself is spacious, having bright rooms, highly finished in marble and mahogany fittings and fixtures. The school can accommodate 250 students per week in the main building. The Language School is just 20 minutes walking distance from the Strand - Sliema, with accommodation, shopping, banking, recreational and other facilities close at hand.

The center is also ideally situated for those seeking easy access to some of Europe's most beautiful beaches. The school also provides daily transport from family residence and return. Before the students commence their studies, they are tested to find out their level of proficiency, after which great care is taken to ensure that they are placed in classes with other students of similar ability levels. Various courses are pitched at a variety of different levels of proficiency starting at the beginner's level, progressing through the elementary level, intermediate and advanced to the academic level. As students pass through the levels, their achievements are acknowledged and upon successful completion of their language studies, all students are issued with certificates showing their level of proficiency. These certificates are recognized by the Euro Institute for Higher Education known as Euro University.

- Why M18181?

An Island full of sunshine, crystal clear waters and renowned friendly people, makes Malta an obvious choice by many people all over the World as a perfect place to study English. English is the Maltese official second language and is spoken by everyone. Ever increasing demand by students to learn and practice English, in this unique Mediterranean Island, certifies Malta success in this field and has earned its reputation of being one of the finest resources for students to study English as a foreign language. Being a excellent holiday resort Malta is also a treasure trove of art, history and stark beauty out of all proportion to its size.

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