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M18238 Heli-Ski Guides is today South Americas's premier helicopter skiing operation, located in the heart of the Central Andes of Chile. After 4 seasons of successful operation, we proudly continue to offer excellence in heli-skiing deep in the enchanting and rugged Andes Mountain Range of southern South America. M18238 Heli-Ski Guides has made a quantum leap in South American helicopter skiing. Previously, informal operations have offered vertical runs near ski areas. At M18238, we present an entirely new dimension of remote heli-skiing with world class standards and vast terrain for skiers and snowboarders from around the world.

We offer week long packages of absolutely the best heli-skiing in South America. Our location in the Southern Hemisphere enables us to offer alternate season heli-skiing during the Northern Hemisphere summer, complementing the opposite Northern Hemisphere helicopter ski season. Only New Zealand offers skiing during the same season. We are closely modeled after Canadian helicopter skiing operations and offer a distinctly different experience than New Zealand heli-ski operations. Our heli-ski packages are culturally unique and reflect the generous hospitality of the traditional Chilean mountain lodge, as well as offer you world class skiing or snowboarding unsurpassed in South America.

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