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We are a small family run tour operator. Being small we are flexible and can change itineraries with the weather and custom make tours for individual needs and budgets. We have done luxury tours for 120 Medics, and cheapish for single pensioners. We offer the very best value for money nature/wildlife adventure tour in South Africa. The reason is that we kept improving our 5 day tour over 7 years. We charge the same as the people who throw you on the back of a truck with a small tent, but with us you stay in luxury accommodation, with food to match.

I am a prize winning story teller and keen cook. History becomes alive, and testimonials say "If on diet, don't go with Andre". We work out of our house, the family does everything, no office rental, high salaries and fat commissions to pay out. So, you score, score, score! We own 2 x VW 8 seat micro-buses and a 17 seat Mercedes Sprinter. We carry R5 Million public indemnity insurance, have the necessary road permits and registered guides.

For the past 10 years I did many budget tours in the Kruger and Private ranches in the Timbavati. They increased their prices by 400%, so I had to buy my own ranch or increase my prices drastically! My dream became reality! I got a piece of land, right between the millionaire resorts, with the most beautiful riverfront and some virgin bush, bordering a big 4 ranch! Water is life! While other ranches suffer from drought and bad bore hole water, we are blessed with our own river.

At night, we sit watching the sunsets with the incredible sounds of the bush. Monkeys and baboons going to bed, fighting for the best branches. Pheasants scurry through our camp looking for crumbs. Lions roaring, jackals laughing at some obscure joke, and the hyenas Whoo-yi, just outside camp.

Now that we built our house, two guest rondavels, two bush tents, the infrastructure and the swimming pool, someone came and offered us a lot of money for the place! My wife said:- "What, and live in a town again? Never, I will not move!

We invite you to come and spend a night or three with us, enjoying the peace, the quiet, the river, the animal sounds and all the wildlife activities we offer. Bird lovers paradise! Home of the rare Golden Tarantula.
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