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M18339 has moved from South Coast to one of the tourism less touched corners of North Coast. Not only animals, but also many plants have found a new home in the M18339 and "Porini Farm Restaurant" in Kikambala. Indeed, the heavy rainfalls of the last rain season have assisted our planting. They, however, delayed in the beginning the building of the new spacious guest houses and the pool.

In the meantime, nevertheless, for large detached guest houses with 52 square meters floor space (Living and sleeping area, shower and toilet) and with a large roofed terrace have been completed. Each of three guest houses has its own particular location and provides the feeling to live in the middle of a jungle! At the swimming pool, sun beds invite to relax in green environs!

From your room to the pool or to the "Porini Restaurant ", which is part of M18339, and where you have your breakfast in this open plan restaurant amidst the green of tropical plants, you only have to walk a few meters through the lavish garden. The "Porini Restaurant", also called the "Coco De Mer" Restaurant with a long tradition since 1975, is well known for delicious dishes of the Seychelles and of the local kitchen of the coast region.

The inspiring surroundings are being shared by big and small tortoises, monkeys moving through the area now and then, colorful butterflies, as well as birds passing by.

For our 4 Aldabra Giant Tortoises, originating from the Seychelles island of Aldabra, a big outdoor enclosure is being completed. There our guests can visit the animals at any time . Our smaller local tortoises like the hinge back tortoises and the pretty leopard tortoise likewise inhabit an out-door enclosure, which can be entered, and are looking forward to your visit.

For terrapins, Tilapia perches, and other smaller fish a new fishpond has been built in the middle of the garden. The new place also attracts numerous butterflies, dragonflies, and birds and will in the near future certainly become also the home of different kinds of frogs! In the dense foliage dwarf geckos and Tanzanian Skinks got themselves a new domicile and every now and then a chameleon or monitor lizard can be observed in the garden.

In the evenings we can hear the calling of the Bush babes in the trees and palms. As time goes by they become used to their new neighbors in this protected environment and grow to be gradually more trusting. Just like the small African hedgehogs which can often be found in the garden de-pending on the time of the year.

Only our Nile crocodiles, they have in the meantime grown quite considerably, do inhabit a securely enclosed area and do not live freely in the garden!

But M18339 not only offers nature, but also some culture!

Some of the local Giriama live with their families in huts on the property and maintain here their life-style and traditions. These families are demonstrating their music and their dances frequently in the Porini Restaurant, mostly on Weekends and for special functions. Here you will get to Africa even closer.

As had already mentioned, the unusually strong and long rain period very positively influenced the development of the large garden. From scanty scenery and undergrowth it has become a new jungle with many different palms and giant bamboos, Baobabs, banana plants and fruit trees. Some the fruits offered come from our own garden. Besides those one finds cactus, Aloe Vera, Vanilla and other interesting plants.

"Porini" means in the Swahili Language as much as bush and thus the a good 20,000 square meter property have also become again a real Porini, which is home to numerous birds and other animals and offers you an oasis for a quite special vacation!

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