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Base of operations: Hong Kong
Learning is the key to success, speaking Chinese language is a must!

The M18448 specializes in Cantonese and Mandarin Learning programs for expatriates, locals and overseas Chinese. These programs include Conversation and Chinese Reading and Writing.

- Classrooms in small group setting
- High-speed internet access
- Our Language laboratory is fitted with audio-visual equipment suitable for all levels of language learning. It is available for students who wish to improve and brush up on their Cantonese /Mandarin listening skills.
- A cozy coffee corner and seating areas where you can sit down for a cup of coffee and relax, or have a chat with other students
- Appropriate challenges are in place to stimulate improvement. The progress is regularly reported and discussed with tutors.

Courses Offered:
- For Beginners; Intermediate and Advanced Levels in Cantonese, Mandarin and other languages.
- For Expatriates, locals and overseas Chinese
- Special packages for expatriate or overseas Chinese to learn Chinese Reading and Writing
- Private Learning Programmes available to student to meet their needs, place and time.

Class Size: We believe that students work and learn best in very small groups. Our courses have a maximum size of 6 students to encourage student-teacher and student-student interaction.

Patient, Qualified and Experienced Instructors: All our tutors are highly qualified and have professional experience in classroom and private teaching. The rigorous training that our tutors undergo before conducting any classes guarantees that each tutor has the tools and methodologies to make learning, simple and enjoyable. In addition, our tutors are skilled in providing an atmosphere of active encouragement, which translates into motivation and confidence within the classroom.

Accommodation (Home stay Family): Home stay is an excellent way to make friends, learn about Chinese culture and at the same time practice student’s Cantonese/ Mandarin while living in a safe and comfortable environment.
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Questions and Answers
The M18448 offer Mandarin and Cantonese courses for expatriates, locals and overseas Chinese. These programmes include Conversation and Chinese Reading & Writing.

1. How long has the business been operating and how did it start?

M18448, founded in 2008, aim to provide professional language training to people in need and acts as a stepping stone for expatriates to learn more about Chinese language and culture.

2. What is your company's mission?

We at the M18448 want the process of learning a new language to be fun whilst still engaging and teaching students

3. What does your company specialize in?

We specializes in Mandarin and Cantonese learning programs for locals, expatriates and overseas Chinese. We specifically design each course to provide the most personalized learning experience for individual learners. We anything other than entirely focused on providing this level of personalized learning experience.

4. Who is the founder or owner of the company and briefly describe his/her past activities?

The school is owned by Mr. & Mrs. Leung. Mrs. Leung has been contributing in educational field for over the past 15 years. She has rich experience on teaching expatriates and she has been providing professional training to over hundred teachers for the past 10 years. Furthermore, Mrs. Leung is now invited by a publisher to write a Mandarin book named ‘Mandarin on Trip’ and is going to be launched by ends of 2011.

5. What is your most popular travel package and why?

Mandarin and Cantonese Full-day / Half-day Course. The courses are specially designed for expatriate to learn Chinese, ensure that they have the right way to learn, to overcome the language barrier, and be able to speak the language after a short period of time.

6. What is the best compliment you received from a client?

Marco Gomez from Mexico, "… within the boundaries of good teacher-student dynamics. This is good because …." Barbara Meisterernste from Germany "… I also had the impression that our two teachers were very well chosen for our interests and our personalities…" Leslie Chan from USA "Loved my teacher…. Flexible enough to gauge lessons around personal interests, yet also stayed structured. I appreciated her discipline with my pronunciation …" Tim Lo from U.S.A. "Being in class for 7 hours a day, she made classes bearable. I learned a lot…she made it fun. Thanks Helen!!" Timothy Sullivan from U.S.A. "The greatest praise I can write for Branda is after eight years, studying Chinese is increasingly interesting for me each day."

Vacation Packages offered by supplier M18448
Cantonese / Mandarin / Reading and Writing Half - Day Course
Take a daytime intensive course of Cantonese, Mandarin and other languages for all levels, for business and for pleasure.

- Contact Supplier

USD 2343 / Per course
Vacation School
Season: January - December
Hong Kong

Cantonese / Mandarin / Reading and Writing Full Day Course
Have a full day course of Cantonese, Mandarin and other languages for all levels, for business and for pleasure.

- Contact Supplier

USD 2343 / Per course
Vacation School
Season: January - December
Hong Kong

Cantonese / Mandarin / Reading and Writing Evening Courses
This course of Cantonese, Mandarin, and other languages takes place in the period from January to December, and gives you possibility to learn in the evening.

- Contact Supplier

USD 373 / Per course
Vacation School
Season: January - December
Hong Kong

Reviews and Comments
No. Rating By / Subject

 1  Ms. Leslie Chan / Testimonial
Rooms and communal space were very comfortable and relaxed. Loved the free drinks and snacks -- which helped keep the energy levels up during 3 - 4 hour private lessons! Air conditioning was a bit troublesome at times in terms of noise level and finding a comfortable level...my teacher had to keep adjusting it! Convenient location near MTR.

Loved my teacher. She was professional and fun. Flexible enough to gauge lessons around personal interests, yet also stayed structured. I appreciated her ... view more discipline with my pronunciation and thorough explanations of proper vs colloquial Cantonese - and made sure I learned the correct way 1st! I had private lessons so I was better able to personalize the lessons around my needs. My teacher was very good at taking interest in what I liked and tried to develop my vocabulary and speaking / comprehension needs to cater to those type of situations. I liked her practical approach to what a person should learn.

I will come back & take more lessons, because I felt my teacher knows me well enough to understand my needs and will continue to push me, while still encouraging me and keeping things fun and practical. I appreciated how flexible / accommodating the staff were to ensure that I could fit in my lessons everyday. Staff are motivated to teach and considerate to their students.

I think it is difficult to say that each person will have as positive experience as I did since I had the luxury of having private lessons and also a very good relationship with my teacher. I would definitely recommend my teacher, but as she is a representative of the school, I would feel more than comfortable to recommend the school itself to my colleagues.

 2  Tim Lo / Testimonial
M18448 was chosen by my work. The school is air-condition controlled, spacious, and clean. The school environment is extremely comfortable and relaxing for learning. There are numerous restaurants just outside the school building and a short distance from the MTR, convenient store, and a gym, making the school very convenient. The snack bar, coffee, and tea is a nice touch to enhance the comfort of the students in between classes.

The class is very relaxed, flexible, and professional. Helen is a great ... view more teacher. She is friendly, patient, a good communicator, and funny, all the quality of a good teacher. She immediately gauged my level on the first day and adjusted my lessons based on my needs for work and personal preference. Being in class for 7 hours a day, she made classes bearable. I learned a lot, and all the lessons learned will be put to good use. In the beginning, I was dreading the long hours, but she made it fun. Thanks Helen!!

I will absolutely come back & take more lessons! Great learning environment, great staff, and great teachers!! What's not to like? I already recommended the school to my Language Coordinator and my fellow co-workers.

 3  Mr. & Mrs Oliver / Testimonial
We visited a couple of schools and found the M18448 to be very inviting. Also we had heard from a few people that they would recommend it. The environment is very friendly and extremely welcoming. We thoroughly enjoyed our classes as the teachers were very helpful and patient, as well as being a lot of fun.

Our teachers were excellent, and always went out of their way to explain the things we struggled with. Was your class effective? As we are very mature age students (!) we struggled a bit with the ... view more pace, however we find that we have learned a lot and will be able to revise at our own pace now. Did you learn what you had expected? We have received a good foundation, and are able to converse as well as could be expected in just 4 weeks.

We hope to come back & take more lessons! We feel it would be beneficial to add to what we have already learned. We will recommend M18448 school to friends. Mostly because of the encouragement given and the 'family' atmosphere.

 4  Ms. Eunice Faith C Asis / Testimonial
Thank you for all your support and encouragement, you've given me the confidence to learn a new language and I know this will be a life long journey because the Chinese language is so rich in culture I don't think any outsider would be able to fully grasp it in one seating.

Thank you to all the teachers that helped me and were patient with me as I struggled to organize my thoughts more coherently and though at times it was painful to try to express myself with the limited words that I knew, ... view more their support and encouragement made it much easier for me to trust in their wisdom and experience that I would one day be able to communicate my thoughts better.

I'm amazed by how much I've learned in the span of a little over 4 months. This is truly evidence that your center is the best in Hong Kong and your teachers, professionals. Thank you again and I hope if time allows I can pursue learning this beautiful language further.

 5  Melanie Walls / Testimonial
A friend highly recommended M18448 to me! Really friendly and a lovely place to spend time in and meet people! The staff are really friendly and accommodating and also help you to practice your Cantonese. The class atmosphere is really relaxed, friendly, flexible and fun! Thoroughly enjoyed the learning experience!
I learned so much more than expected! I couldn't believe what they fitted into two weeks! The class material was so comprehensive, but the teacher also very flexible and any extra phrases ... view more we wanted to learn she would teach us.

I will definitely come back & take more lessons, once I've consolidated what I've learned! When I've used it out and about it's been great and just made me want to learn more! I think M18448 uses very comprehensive material as guidance but is also very flexible! It's also a really friendly, flexible and accommodating school!

 6  Deepti Malik / Testimonial
I chose M18448 because the reviews about the school on the website were very positive. The place is also located close to my house and so was easily accessible. The environment at school is friendly. The class atmosphere is open and friendly. The teachers and students interact on a one-on-one basis. There is no hesitation in asking questions which the teacher answers very patiently.

The teacher was very polite and patient with us. She made it a point to mingle with us at a personal level as well ... view more which made us more interested in our lessons. She also went a step forward to teach us writing chinese characters which was over and above her duty. The class was effective though I think the no. of characters that one learns everyday get a bit much by the 3rd and 4th level. But yes, I did learn what I expected and maybe more. I may want to learn beginners level Cantonese next.

 7  Nikki Lam / Testimonial
I choose M18448 because I found it online and it seemed like a reputable and honest school. I like that Brenda and Mini are very helpful and quick in responding to my questions and concerns. The classes are good. The teachers are very fun, nice and knowledgeable.

My teach Helen was VERY good. She sincerely cares for the well being of her students and genuinely want us to succeed and improve. If I can take more time off from work, I will definitely come back. I will recommend M18448 to my friends & ... view more relatives, because M18448 is an honest school who does what they say. M18448 is very helpful in helping students with their questions.

 8  Jerome Parisse-Brassen / Testimonial
I chose to study Mandarin at M18448 for two reasons: 1) Its location, in Wan Chai, in the heart of Hong Kong Island, made it very easy to get to; 2) The course I chose was reasonably priced.

I enjoyed my class, my teachers and my fellow students who came from all walks of life, including from various countries. Classes are relaxed, but at the same time focussed; 50 minutes of class with a ten minute break seems about right. I had two teachers, Carol and Mendy, who were both great to learn from. In ... view more fact, they had different styles and complemented each other really well. I was a little surprised at first to see one teacher being replaced by another, without any kind of logic, but it worked, and the transition between both of them was almost always smooth. It was also great that they came from different areas of China and had therefore a different accent and a different way of speaking, as it gave us more exposure to variety in spoken Mandarin. I definitely learned more than what I expected

I have reached the advanced level now and need to get out there and practice my Mandarin skills in real life situations. I will be spending a few weeks in China soon and this will be a perfect opportunity to test my language skills outside the school environment.

I would definitely recommend the school to potential and future fellow students, especially to beginners, as I believe this is where the strength of the school lies

 9  Raymond Chan / Testimonial
I chose M18448 because they were very flexible. They had many different time options to choose from and their staff was very friendly.? Also, the facility looked very presentable and the location is quite close to the MTR. The school’s environment is quite good. There is always a friendly and helpful atmosphere. The school itself feels very “open” and you never feel trapped or cluttered.
My teacher, Angela, was awesome. She was very friendly and knowledgeable. My class was quite effective. Due to the ... view more fact that Angela is flexible, I had learned more than I had expected. She was not one of those teachers that only follows the book like a robot. If there are other things that she feels a student should know, she deviates from the book and teaches her students very useful words/phrases/ sentences. Also if a student wanted to learn about subjects that were not covered in the course, she would also take time to teach/ explain them.
Before choosing M18448, I had called/ visited many other schools around Hong Kong. M18448 was the most flexible. They always try to work the time schedule around the student, making it convenient. Besides convenience, the staff is always friendly and welcoming. Lastly, M18448’s price is quite reasonable compared to others.
I would recommend M18448 to my friends. Due to its convenient location, it is easy to get to. The staff is very friendly and you are never looked down upon. The material is designed to make learning Chinese easier and due to their flexibility, you can always learn at your own pace.

 10  Jennifer Hennings / Testimonial
I chose M18448 because it had so many positive student reviews on its website, and because it was offering Cantonese classes at a time that worked well for me. I also thought the price was reasonable compared to other programs I'd seen.

M18448 is a friendly place. I like the way that students can have tea and snacks together and chat during the break. It makes it much more social. The class atmosphere is friendly without being overly lax. I'd say it was "learning with a smile." ... view more Vectra is a thoughtful and encouraging teacher. He did a good job of identifying and focusing on words and phrases that were most challenging for me. He also used a good variety of exercises to help me practice. I really feel like I've learned a lot in my four weeks of lessons. The class was quite effective.

If my schedule allows, I will definitely come back for more lessons, since I like the pace, structure, and price of the M18448 classes. I've already recommended M18448 to several people, and I'll continue to do so. I think the classes are a great value for the money, and the teachers are friendly, knowledgeable, and professional.

 11  Adrian Yahvah / Testimonial
I chose M18448 because it was the first one that Google search brought me to. Since it was located in Wan Chi and convenient for me I decided to give it a try. The school environment is very casual and friendly and the staff is very helpful at the front desk. They provide a hassle free and professional setting at the M18448. The class atmosphere is very straight forward and professional. It accommodates my needs as a student who needs intensive learning atmosphere.

My teacher, Carol is an exceptional ... view more instructor on may levels. She has a superior understanding of the English language which is imperative for helping me learn. She understands that I work hard and on some days need to go slow, on days that I feel fresh she knows to push hard to get my maximal effort. I have learned more than I expected and have continued to come to class which I didn't know I would. Carol makes learning Mandarin fun and engaging with her refreshing and witty personality coupled with her immense skill as an instructor. Her professionalism is unmatched and can't be overstated.

Because of the above reasons I recommend M18448. I tell all my friends that they are fools if they don't come there to learn Mandarin. I consider Carol and M18448 the ultimate authority on the instruction of authentic mandarin speaking.

 12  Steffen Wolf / Testimonial
The school is conveniently located just two minutes away from the bus station and a bit more than three minutes to walk by foot from the nearest subway. When entering the school, the first impression is very bright and friendly, which is partly also because of the friendly girls who are welcoming the visitors at the reception. The interior decoration is new and modern, with sufficient class rooms to care even for a bigger number of groups and individual students.

Making the best out of the transition ... view more period between two companies, I have decided to take up with Chinese. After graduating the university more than 20 years ago, this is the first time that I can concentrate on finer things than just sales figures, market shares and financial statements. I really enjoy to step into the Language School every morning and to study together with people from different parts of the world like Italy Columbia, Japan, India, etc. We have a very open atmosphere during the lessons, mixed with many jokes, and also this helps to master the difficulties of the Chinese language.

With a completely different linguistically background, I was quite concerned if I would be able to tackle a language like Chinese. But all teachers I have met at the Language School gave me confidence by their easily comprehensible way of teaching and their patience. Actually, my first intention was to acquire just some basic conversation skills. But now I became quite excited about my progress so that I am already planning to attend also the next higher course.

 13  Sudipta Dhar / Testimonial
I found the school through a Google search. I spoke to Mini and found the school to be quite flexible regarding class timings etc. I had spoken to one other school, but they were not very accommodating. I find the other students to be quite friendly. Also the students come from all over the world, which make the environment even more interesting. I have had three different sets of classmates, and have enjoyed studying with all of them.

Helen Ding was my teacher in the first course, and I ... view more specifically requested to have her as my teacher for the remaining courses as well. I actually came in with no expectations, and with some apprehension, but found the pace of the class to be well suited suited to my requirements. Time permitting, I would definitely like to come back and complete the Intermediate levels as well. I would definitely recommend M18448 to all my friends.

 14  Alex Howard / Testimonial
I choose M18448 because it was very convenient. Close to my house and very central relative to Wanchai. It came across as professional to me and the prices were very fair. Upon the visit I felt very welcome and at ease. At that point I had already made up my mind.

The school environment is actually quite family like. After a month's time I felt really familiar with the place and everyone. It really had a cosy feel. Saying goodbye to my teacher at the end was rather difficult, a relationship had ... view more been building up with the school and the place. I only took private lessons with Helen, so it was of course very personalized. It was more of a dialogue than a class. It was very casual but yet very effective and hard-working. From my point of view it really was ideal, especially to learn to express myself. My teacher was simply great. She taught me everything from Chinese history, to everyday culture, vocabulary, characters and grammar. She was my first real insight into China I must say. Within 5 weeks time I learned all the basics of the Chinese language. As I now moved to Shanghai I could easily get around, communicate and even explain what kind of phone deal I wanted to my mobile company!

If I ever was to move back to Hong Kong from Shanghai (where I know live), I'd probably take a weekly 2-hour course just to maintain my characters and vocabulary. I indeed already have recommended M18448 to all my friends. In my own opinion M18448 is the best deal you can find in Hong Kong. Their strongest point is their outstanding flexibility. So don't be shy, go knock at their door.

 15  Jark Clarke / Testimonial
"I would recommend M18448 as an excellent school to learn Chinese in a professional and friendly manner that result in a great learning environment. The teaching quality meet all my high expectations and I particularly liked it that the classes focused on developing my speaking ability for everyday situations. I would recommend M18448 for anyone who is serious about taking the plunge of learning mandarin!"

 16  Katrina Yeun / Testimonial
I found the school via Google, and the level of attention and friendliness I received when first visiting the school to enquire about classes was well above and beyond any expectations. Branda and her team were incredibly flexible and accommodating in helping me choose the class level, and I even got to sit in on a couple of classes to see what the classroom environment and teaching is like, before deciding.

The school is clean and comfortable, with unlimited tea, coffee and choice of snacks provided. ... view more All the staff and teachers are friendly and really go the extra mile to make students feel welcome. The class atmosphere is great, class numbers are kept small so you're really able to bond with your classmates and receive individual tuition from teachers.

My teachers were the best! In particular, Carol was not only knowledgeable and professional, she gave us a deeper understanding of Chinese culture, through many of her own stories and her great knowledge of Chinese history, arts and society today. I thought I would only be learning grammar, vocab and sentence structure but all the teachers at M18448 add their personal touch to classes to make them interesting and engaging and you learn things you would never learn from just a textbook.

If I have the chance to return to Hong Kong, I would definitely take more classes to improve my Mandarin. I would highly recommend M18448 to my friends, the school is a great place to learn Chinese.

 17  Betty Downing / Testimonial
The school environment is very nice. The class atmosphere is very good. I liked my teacher Lilly. She works very hard with me on my pronunciation. She also, gives me a chance to try and talk in Mandarin relating to my activities. This is hard for me but she helps a lot. She is a very good teacher.I have taken 3 levels with her and i would like to take more.

I would recommend this school to my friends because of the class size and the teaching methods used.

 18  Andrea Lee / Testimonial
I choose M18448 because of their flexible schedules, price is reasonable and well located. The school environment offers a very friendly staff. Clean and comfortable facilities. Private lessons, so there was not really any particular class atmosphere. My teacher overwhelmed me at first by speaking all in Mandarin, but I learn to gradually understand her, which was fantastic. I think the teaching technique is effective for learning if you are keen to learn set phrases and perhaps a crash course to get you ... view more around for holiday traveling purposes.

I would take more lessons. But I would insist on practicing more verbal conversation, rather than reading from the textbook. Even if it's just 2 or 3 lines, it helps if I can practice the sentences in context.