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M18570 is a new, small Ground Tour Operator in The Gambia, Licensed and Registered with the Gambian Tourist Authority. A British owned Business working closely with, and partnering Local people, businesses and Local Charities to actively promote sustainable responsible tourism in The Gambia as well as actively promoting the welfare of the Local communities through employment and opportunities.

Our Aims are to give, you, our guests, a unique cultural experience with as much time traveling amongst local people as possible. This is why we are unique in focusing on moving the tourists up-country and to the lesser known areas, so you can experience a whole lot more than the Sea and Sand destination that The Gambia has become well known for. Because we believe that life enhancing travel is not about seeing a place, but experiencing a place, its people, its cultures, foods and ways of life.

Our Goal at M18570 is to give you the most rewarding adventure travel experience of your life. We believe that your satisfaction and comfort are directly related to the success of our business, so we strive to provide you with unique excursions, expert tour guides, and high-quality equipment to ensure a fun, educational and safe adventure.

We take pride in the quality and selection of each of our adventures and tours.

Our boat charters are crewed by a highly experienced, professional team and there's never a moment when you won't feel completely safe in their skilled hands. Our primary goal is to provide you with high-quality expeditions and tours by paying close attention to your comfort and security. All Boats used have Ports Authority Inspections and are Licensed and Registered with the Gambian Tourist Authority. Our vehicles are varied and include mini vans, Land Rovers and the new addition of the open top Safari Truck. All Inspected, Licensed, Registered and Insured by the relevant Authorities.

To truly experience the spirit of the Gambian culture, and fully immerse yourself in its very essence, you need to travel beyond the Coastal Resort Area and visit the remote villages and historical towns both in the heart of this captivating country and at its Southern region.

Responsible tourism is our concern, we want to be keeping as much monies in this beautiful country so it's Economy may benefit. We want to employ as many Local People as possible and the numbers will of course grow as we grow and develop. We have joined with two British Charities who are based in Gambia and actively work to promote the wellbeing of the Gambian people and their communities. Through our working holidays and Gap-Adventure Programs a proportion of your money is paid directly to the charity involved, which, in turn, directly benefits the semi-remote village in which the Charity is based and are working. The monies pay to build fences, schools, pays salaries for teachers and others to amongst other sustainable items.

By offering you packages to the Chimpanzee rehabilitation Project , your money directly funds the ongoing maintenance of the chimps and the Baboon Islands National Park. We make minimum profits from these packages for our priority is to actively promote tourism which directly benefits the local people, their communities and the wild life.

Our Birding Guides come from the WABSC (British Charity) who train local people in order to improve their employability, reduce poverty, protect the bird and wild life and are concerned to actively promote responsible tourism.

You will not find our programmes available elsewhere, our groups are small, between 4 and 10 people and somewhat exclusive to M18570's Tours , you will certainly receive that personal touch combined with flexibility.

We aim to offer you that something “Extra” whilst supporting the local communities which we visit including schools and clinics in the semi remote parts of this wonderful and exciting country. By traveling with us you help aid support the above projects and directly help local people in their efforts to alleviate themselves from poverty. You also help conserve the environment, the endangered Chimpanzee's, and have a great time while you are doing it. We at M18570 supply you with a responsible tourism alternative to mass packaged holidays with travel ethos that co-operate with the local communities to improve their economy, and protect their local environments.

Tourism is a vital part of The Gambia 's economy and the primary area for employment growth within the country's previously disadvantaged communities. Thus, revenues and taxes generated are vital to government spending in areas such as health and education. By booking through US you are contributing to the rebuilding and re balancing of the country's economy.

We are very interested in your feedback to assist us in “getting it right“ and look forward to seeing you on our Adventures and Tours.

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