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M18589 with its +70,000 acres of free range and endless emotions offers 3 native Big Game species in between Red Deer Stags, Puma and Wild Boar plus 9 exotics Big Game options like Buffalo, puma, Blackbuck, boars, Fallow Deer, Dorset and Four Horned Sheep, Scottish Black Face, Wild Goats plus more.

We own and manage well-known 2 family Hunting Ranches along with the well-known "Monasterio" Exotic Preserve and 6 agriculture Ranches for bird hunting lovers.

Our ranches are located on Loventhue district, a place well known among Red Deer Trophy hunters. It is one of the most remarkable hunting regions in Argentina.

Our Hunting Preserve has 7,000 acres free range section and 4,500 acres of high fenced sections that holds record class trophies of several exotic and native species. A truly Exotic Hunting Ranch with great access to Santa Rosa Local airport and Santa Rosa night Life & Casino.

We also offer High End Dove, Pigeon and Partridge hunting through our set of 6 family owned agriculture ranches suitable for these sports. A grand slam of nearby ranches specially selected and dedicated to bird hunting. We guarantee hundreds of doves & pigeons plus partridge for bird Hunters or any other hunter who wants to have a mixed hunting experience. Also, we offer one of the best water fowling Ducks option with a nearby selected lodge highly qualified for that sport.

We are proud of being one of the firsts hunting Ranches to offer premium rifle, bow or black powder guided big game hunts and also bird hunting hunts. We manage and assure native food resources year round for our wild game to ensure the best trophy quality achievable on free range animals.

Regarding Bowhunters; we can provide you with one of the best full-service bow hunts in Argentina conducted on our family owned lodges. Everyone at Poitahue will go the extra mile to assure every bow hunter gets a truly premium hunt.

M18589 maintains a premium 2,500 acres section for bow hunters; a bow only section fully dedicated to demanding Archers! A special section so as to assure you a bow friendly hunting ranch. On top of this, most stands, blinds, food plot locations and feeders are also suitable for bowhunters.

Hunts are conducted by professional guides on a one x one basis with hunting techniques like stalking on foot or treestands, ground stand/blind hunting.

Reviews and Comments
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 1  Ken Vandervest / Red Stag hunting at Poitahue Ranch; excellent free range hunting in Argentina
“This place was out of this world! I’m a bow hunter and I can tell you that these guys really know their stuff. The guides are experienced and many are actually bow hunters themselves. They’re set up to cater to bow hunters and provide different hunting options including spot and stalk or hunting from blinds or tree stands over food plots, watering holes and travel corridors. These guys have it all. You won’t be disappointed.”

 2  Jose Montoro / Hunting in Argentina ? check for Poitahue Hunting Ranch.
"This hunt offered several exotic species besides the native red deer, puma and wild boar. The high quality accommodations, professional guides and what seemed like endless hunting days all made for an unforgettable experience. Poitahue is truly one of the best hunting destinations in Argentina for the discerning trophy hunter.”