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M18809 is focused in providing hi-end and tailor made fly fishing trips in Northern Patagonia Argentina. Since 1999, we offer the finest fly fishing in the area, leading our travelers to the best sections of world renown rivers like the Malleo, Quillen, Traful, Collon Cura, Alumine, Caleufu, Filo Hua Hum, Chimehuin fishing through the best private access waters and Lodging in famous ranches like San Huberto, Tipiliuke Lodge, Estancia Arroyo Verde, Estancia Quemquemtreu, Collon Cura Lodge, Estancia Rio Quillen and others.

Town programs out of San Martin de los Andes and Junin fly fishing great public access waters are also available. Overnight camping-floating trips are also a great option for those who love to be 100% in touch with nature.

Guiding services are provided only by highly qualified and professional, certified by the government fly fishing guides, fluent in English and with knowledge and a lot of experience in the area. We carefully choose the guides that work for us and we are totally aware that the key to a great experience is a great guide. You will find in all of them hospitality and a friend to share your fishing days with you plus all the expertise, respect for nature, dedication and patience, experience and knowledge required to catch the trickiest trout and teach those who are just beginning in the sport.

And overall, a passionate fly fisherman devoted to share with our travelers this great sport, our fantastic fishing and compromised to try to make you fly fishing dreams come true.

We provide all the ground transportation since you arrive to the area using comfortable 4x4 SUV’s. Using modern skiffs/drift boats and catarafts all equipped with comfortable rotating seats and structure to fish out off, all of them licensed and in perfect conditions. We carry VHF’s radios and cell phones!

95 % of our clientele comes from USA!
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 1  Bill Roach / A wonderful and learning experience.
I heartily recommend Pablo as an effective guide and teacher. I remain a "learning" flyfisherman but found Pablo very helpful as a coach to help me with my technique, reading the water and, of course, bringing in great fish. He is also a great companion.

 2  Marc Araneta / Fly Fishing with Pablo Zaleski
My wife & I fly fished with Pablo two days in the northern part of Patagonia and had an wonderful time. Pablo is a excellent guide and instructor. The rivers are beautiful and the trout feisty. As much as I loved the fly fishing, I’d have to say we equally enjoyed the relaxing picnics along the rivers with his wife’s home cooked meals and a nice bottle of Malbec. We are looking forward to a return visit to Argentina and more fly fishing with Pablo.

Denver, CO

 3  John K, McNutt / My Trip to Patagonia
I recently spent 10 days of fishing with Pablo Zeleski back in late april. I am 63 and was by myself. Pablo was an excellent guide and companion in all respects. He helped me with my casting and presentation. I caught many sizable fish on both the Collon Cura and the Malleo. I would recommend him to anyone wanting a good quality trip to patagonia. John McNutt

 4  Mark Patton / Pablo Zaleski
I can stroingly reccomend Pabla as a fly fishing guide. He has a great personality and speakes excellent english. His fishing skills and river knowledge is first class. Not only will you catch alot of fish, you will have a great day on the river. He will become a good friend.
The Argentine guides are the most professional in the world and Pabalo is certainly at the top of the group.

Mark Patton

 5  Bill Roach / A wonderful time and a great learning experience
Pablo is a very companionable and knowledgeable guide who put me in the position to bring in some fighting, huge Rainbows and wily Browns. I am still learning the art of fly fishing and, after a few years of fishing, still consider myself a beginner. Pablo is a great (and patient) teacher as well as a skilled guide. I enjoyed myself very much and enjoyed his company as well....and I have never brought in so many wonderful fish! I can't recommend him highly enough!