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M19034 is an exciting luxury rental villa on the Mexican Riviera overlooking the Pacific Ocean in amazing Manzanillo, Mexico. Manzanillo, in the state of Colima between Puerto Vallarta and Acapulco, is set on the Santiago Peninsula between two sparkling bays - it's a location that must be seen to be truly appreciated. This area offers miles of stunning beaches with your choice of either gold or black volcanic sand.

Outdoor amenities in the Manzanillo area abound with beaches for sunbathing, surfing, kayaking, snorkeling, or scuba diving. This area is also billed as the "Sailfish Capital of the World" with deep-sea fishing charters available for marlin, dorado (mahi mahi), rooster fish, and tuna. Golf, hiking, horseback riding, biking and bird watching are also available for your enjoyment. If your favorite pastime requires warm weather and sunshine, you're bound to find it in Manzanillo!

View Of Beach From M19034 But the real attraction of the Mexican Riviera is the relaxed environment among the local people combined with the excellent climate and beautiful environs. The state of Colima is a very safe place with virtually no crime in Manzanillo. There are few tourists, no lines, no crowds, and few fast-food chains, all positive traits that are not often found in resort towns of this caliber. Superb seafood dishes, traditional Mexican fare and even international cuisine can be enjoyed inexpensively at open-air restaurants while listening to the soothing sounds of the Pacific Ocean. You will find that your dream vacation here is far less expensive than expected.

On the summit overlooking the beautiful beaches and crystal blue waters of the Mexican Riviera "Las Cumbres" in Spanish literally means 'The Summits'. Situated high atop the Santiago Peninsula, the villa overlooks the tranquil water of the Bay of Audiencia and the spectacular beaches along the shore. Beyond is a clear view of the Pacific Ocean, the Sierra Madre foothills, Santiago Bay and another collection of beautiful beaches for you to explore. You too can have a mountaintop experience enjoying the ambiance of this Mediterranean/ Mexican style villa.

Another beautiful sunset on the Pacific Coast of Mexico The secluded Bay Of Audencia is within walking distance from the Villa and is favored with perfectly safe, crystal blue water and a sandy beach. This is the beach where the movie "10" starring Bo Derek was filmed and where sailors from Cortez’s galleons granted an audience with local Indian Chieftains in 1523 - thus the name "Playa de La Audencia". This area offers access to many water sports, cruises, the Real Resort (formerly the Sierra) with spa and dining, and a beach side restaurant (Mexican Ramada) where you can rent an umbrella with table and chairs for the day and have drinks and lunch served by people eager to make your experience enjoyable. The Las Hadas resort is within close proximity as well.

With direct flights into Manzanillo Airport, this paradise is readily accessible. We invite you to come visit M19034 and experience the very best that Mexico has to offer!
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