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I organize trekking tours in Bolivia. Furthermore I am an expert for a wide range of activities such as expeditions, individual trips, ascents to peaks higher than 6.000 meters, first ascents and unforgettable adventure trips. My motto: "Experiences far beyond beaten tracks of mass tourism".

I was born in a small German town and grew up in Mittenwald, a mountain village near the former Austrian border. At the age of 12 I started to climb in the Alps and when I was 20 I became a passionate free climber. At the age of 30 I repeated all the difficult rock- and ice climbs of the Bolivian Andes. I made the first ascent of the most difficult Andean rock climb together with friends. Since 15 years I was guiding in Bolivia. I know more than 150 trekking routes from the Andes to the Amazon, and all the normal routes to the high Bolivian Andes peaks. During long Bolivian rainy seasons I wrote several books.

There are a numerous other activities we can organize for you: skiing and snowboarding tours, ice-climbing, exploring the unbelievable rainforest of Amazonian, mountain bike rides, river rafting, observation of animals, botanical trips, tours with motorcycle or quads, sightseeing flights, sailing or trips on lake Titicaca. This list is incomplete and therefore you can ask us for your ideas.
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