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Base of operations: New Zealand
M19124 is run by John Williamson, Sam Brown, Jenya Boikov, and Otgonchimeg Burneebaatar (Ogi), with help from our Mongolian friends in Zavkhan and the Altai. John and Sam are both Kiwis, resident in New Zealand between seasons; Jenya and Ogi are Mongolian and live in Ulaanbaatar. John first came to Mongolia in 2000, bought a horse and spent 6 months riding through this amazing country. He decided to return and bring others to share the experience.

John is a member of The Long Riders' Guild, the world's first international association of equestrian explorers and long distance travelers. Sam is a very experienced horse rider, ecologist and a good organizer. She learn her riding skills at Kowhai Riding School, near Christchurch in New Zealand. Jenya has spent many years working in the developing Mongolian tourism industry, and was joined by Ogi more recently.
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Questions and Answers
We arrange horse and hiking treks to the remotest parts of the Mongolian wilderness, for adventurous travellers, in partnership with local people.

1. How long has the business been operating and how did it start?

John first rode across Mongolia in 2000, becoming a member of the Long Riders Guild. Along with partner Samantha, we started running treks in 2004, when we organised a group of friends and acquaintances to ride with us. They loved it and encouraged us to start running commercial trips.

2. What is your company's mission?

Our mission is to provide adventurous travellers with a truly authentic experience of Mongolia, exploring culturally rich and environmentally pristine regions far off the beaten track.

3. What does your company specialize in?

We specialise in remote wilderness experiences, where there are no hot showers, soft beds, or other tourists, just stunning landscapes and fascinating culture.

4. Who is the founder or owner of the company and briefly describe his/her past activities?

The company was founded by John Williamson and his partner Samantha Brown, along with their Mongolian friends Jenya and Ogi who live in Ulaanbaatar. John fell in love with Mongolia when he first rode through the country in 2000, returning with Sam in 2004. They have been leading riding and hiking trips in Mongolia ever since.

5. What is your most popular travel package and why?

Our most popular travel package is our Altai Mountains and Eagle Festival trek. We ride deep in to the Altai Mountains in an area closed to other foreigners, full of exotic wildlife and even more exotic local people. We then visit the spectacular annual Eagle Festival.

6. What is the best compliment you received from a client?

"The trip with M19124 changed my life". Immersing yourself in a culture and land that is so utterly different from what you are used to can be a risky thing - it challenges everything you take for granted and can lead you to make fundamental changes to your life.

Vacation Packages offered by supplier M19124
Mongolian Wilderness Horse Trek
Get really off the beaten track! Explore the steppe, desert, forests and mountains, of wild Zavkhan province, on horseback. Our unique non-itinerised style suits the more adventurous traveller.

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NZD 3800 / Per person
Tour Package
Horse Riding
Cultural Journey
Duration: 17 days
Season: June - October

The Altai Mountains (17 days, departures 12th July, 29th July and 19th Aug)
This is a remote and mountainous region, with demanding terrain. Therefore it is essential that you are fit and active and willing to take on a challenge.

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EUR 1700 / Per person
Tour Package
Duration: 17 days
Season: July

Zavkhan Classic (17 days, departures 24th June, 19th Aug (exploratory) and 7th Sept)
We will be ride across open steppe, through forested valleys, and up into the mountains of Tarvagatai Uul National Park.

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EUR 1500 / Per person
Tour Package
Horse Riding
Cultural Journey
Duration: 17 days
Season: July - August

Reviews and Comments
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 1  Neil Burnard / Mongolian Classic Horse Trek
The whole thing was excellent – so difficult to pick out best bits... meeting with Mongolians and experiencing their Ger hospitality, the mini Naadam at Telmen, cantering across the steppe (even falling off!!), swimming in crystal clear lakes, soaking sore bones in the hot springs and putting the world to rights under the stars, Dr John and his extensive medical kit sorting out the “fly in ear” incident, and John’s menthol snuff combined with steppe island tea cocktails (what happened to snuff passing ... view more etiquette!!??.... we’ll put that one down to “cultural exchange”!!).. and all with toasted garlic brushetta with pate no less – who said we roughed it!!??
I would definitely recommend Zavkhan Trekking to friends and I think the trip was amazing value for money.

 2  Karen Wild / Zavkhan Classic Horse Trek
Just wanted to say, had such a great holiday, made all the better by the way it was run by yourself. It was so relaxed and felt like just going away with a friend who knew the area. Hope things sort them self out with regards to the tour leader, but you know it won't be the same without you there!.
Hope I can make it back again soon, would love to join another trip ASAP but as you know there are so many other places to visit.
Again thanks for making my trip perfect and hope all goes well on the ... view more remaining trips of the year.

 3  Kath Varcoe / Zavkhan Classic Horse Trek
I’m so excited about this trip that I still (2 months later) can’t stop talking about it. I think travelling with locals is the best way to understand something of the rest of our world. There were definitely challenges for me as a non rider in my early 60’s but I’d do it again just the same.

 4  Susannah Selley / Zavkhan Classic Horse Trek
Thank you for such an excellent trip – it’s going to be pretty hard to top Mongolia on my riding trips around the globe. I enjoyed the holiday so much, and it was great to be able to chose my pace – so many things are controlled in this life, and it really made me feel free and without restraints. A perfect antidote to modern life. I wish you both every success in this venture and hope it continues to flourish.

 5  Sarah Allnutt / Zavkhan Classic Horse Trek
A fantastic way to really get into the heart of Mongolia and combined with camping you do feel you are entering unchartered territory. John was a great tour leader and it felt more like going away with a bunch of friends with insider tips and "off the beaten (or dirt) track" routes rather than an organized tour group following like sheep. Get out there while you can before it becomes more accessible and you run the risk of bumping into other tourists!

 6  Teleri Beaty / Zavkhan Classic Horse Trek
Zavkhan Trekking offers the best riding experience – and value! – to the adventurous advanced rider. This is truly the best trip I have ever taken and I would do it again.
Best parts of the trip – the riding, of course, and particularly the style of riding – being able to choose one’s own course and speed is an amazing luxury for a capable rider. Being able to set up camp early enough to do a ride around the local area and visit the people (and I think the non-riders appreciated NOT riding those ... view more side trips). Whispering Lake was great, as was our hike up the mountain. Playing cards with the Mongolians (and even though I swear they cheated, it was a lot of fun teaching them OUR game!). Eznis Airlines was very comfortable. The process of buying and slaughtering the sheep was fascinating.