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The idea of M19179 came about over a number of boozy evenings around the table on kabakae farm in the early 1990’s. The active partners, Chris Woolcott and Kingsley Butler recognized the need in the frontier town of Ghanzi for a lodge and campsite more in tune with the Kalahari and the budget traveler. Kingsley's premature death put an end to early plans but by the late 90’s we were able to put it together with the help of Kingsley's son Julian, and Simon Allen.

A site was chosen at a lovely pan on the limestone ridge which runs through the property. The ancient Leadwood trees which thrive on this ridge have provided us with natural shade for the campsites and accommodation. The Pan naturally holds water for a few months after rain but we supplement this to provide a waterhole throughout the year.

A unique swimming pool with waterfall was built above ground because the rock is so hard and this can be a great attraction as temperatures sometimes creep into the 40’s and has the added advantage of overlooking the waterhole. M19179 opened at Easter 1999 and quickly became a favourite dining place and watering hole for the local farming community as well as for the weary traveler.

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