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We specialize in tailor made products for individuals and groups. These range from cultural heritage journeys in Albania, business and incentive events through to touring and sightseeing holidays in Albania.

Licences and Associations:
M19254 has a Tourism Certificate (License) issued by the Albanian Ministry of Tourism.

Responsible Travel:
M19254 with a staff mainly educated abroad is fully conscious of our impact on the environment. As a result, we are fully committed to minimizing this impact by selecting our suppliers carefully. As a result we work with responsible accommodation providers, who have installed energy saving devices, transport companies which use newer vehicles with lower emissions, and make use of restaurants which support their communities by using local organic produce.

By buying into M19254 services you are assured that a good portion of your money goes into the local communities through the chain of local providers we sub-contract. Furthermore we promote interaction of our clients with locals, mainly in rural areas to promote products and provide extra income for locals and their families. M19254 has become a leading local operator offering a wide range of products such us: accommodation in Albania, transfers, tours to Albania, day trips in Albania, and the organization of business and special events in Albania.

M19254 has rapidly grown due to its specialized, efficient, and professional services as well as an enthusiastic and professional team of Albanians educated abroad in tourism.We are always in search of new ideas, which help to continuously improve the quality of our services and add that unique Albania Express’ touch to them. Our efficiency, friendly service and competitive pricing are only some factors, which set us apart in the Albanian tourism market and has resulted in successful partnerships with leading international tour operators.

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