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It is the mission of our company to contribute to the healing of the world through the rejuvenation of its people. We create and coordinate customized wellness and rejuvenating vacations, retreats, adventures, group workshops and retreats in the healthy environment of the U.S. Virgin Islands.

It is our purpose to utilize "island" knowledge and professional principles for customizing the selection of villas, catered meals, provisioning, adventures and services; development, coordination, follow-up of services; to create:

- Private rejuvenation vacation program for individuals, couples, families or small groups
- Group vacation for a group that you identify (and bring) such as large families, weddings, organizations, holistic groups or classes
- Group vacation combined with professional goals for business leaders or corporate teams utilizing your consultants/program or ours
- Group workshops and educational retreats available for individual registration which we coordinate, market and register guests for off island teachers, consultants such as yoga retreats, business development seminars, massage teachers.
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