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With M19503 you can discover many parts of Patagonia, with guides in Torres del Paine, Tierra del Fuego, Isla Navarino Chile and Los Glaciares National Park, Argentina. Our mission is to deliver memorable outdoor experiences to our clients, inspiring them to spend more time in the wilderness. The M19503’s team works hard to give customers the comforts and safety that they desire without compromising the feelings of truly being with nature. Our guides provide a high qualitative services that allows each client to explore Patagonia as their own place.

M19503 has united a group of professional guides that are leaders in Patagonia. Our guides have specialties in trekking, mountaineering, kayaking, and climbing; all of them have customer satisfaction and safety as their priorities. This allows you to travel with the experience of a local Chilean, and the securities that you will be taken care of.

Furthermore, M19503 operates with environmentally friendly agencies. We do our best to conserve nature by contributing to recycling and beautification programs in Patagonia in order to improve the quality of life. We have chosen being green as a way of life, because respecting and caring for the earth ensures that the things we love will be here for centuries to enjoy.
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Questions and Answers
We offer flexible and quality trips to Patagonia, including Torres del Paine, Fitz Roy, Perito Moreno and the Carretera Austral.

1. How long has the business been operating and how did it start?

Our company was founded by David Dittmar and Laura McAfoos in 2008. Laura McAfoos, an American, moved to Puerto Natales in 2007, to volunteer as an English teacher in a local public school. She met David Dittmar at the end of the 2006 - 2007 season. David Dittmar started his career in Puerto Natales in 2004, working as a guide in a hotel. He continued guiding in the area for various agencies until the formation of M19503 in 2008. The idea was born out of a need for an agency that provided high quality services, that could be flexible, and was honest and trustworthy to work with both as an employee and a client.

2. What is your company's mission?

We want to deliver one of the best vacation experiences of your life!

3. What does your company specialize in?

Our agency specializes in hiking, backpacking, cycling and kayaking trips in Patagonia. We specialize in Torres del Paine, Chile and Los Glaciares, Argentina. We are also experts in the Carretera Austral and Ruta 40 taking someone from Bariloche to Los Glaciares National Park in Argentina.

4. Who is the founder or owner of the company and briefly describe his/her past activities?

David Dittmar is the true founder. He loves the outdoors and has been working in it for a decade. He studied Tourism at a University in Punta Arenas, Chile and later took some time to do a bit of backpacking himself. He finally decided to settle down in Puerto Natales and began working in local hotels. Later he worked as a guide taking tours through Torres del Paine National Park and Los Glaciares National Park. After six seasons of experience he decided to start his own agency.

5. What is your most popular travel package and why?

I would say our most popular package is the Patagonia Combo. You see a bit of everything in southern Patagonia and it is all done in just a little over two weeks.

6. What is the best compliment you received from a client?

"It was a seamless experience...something that does not happen very often in the tour and travel industry. I give you and David the highest marks...A+ for service and fun. Everything went perfectly"- Coordinator for a group of 16 people

Reviews and Comments
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 1  Rick Beebe / Beebe Circuit, 2009
I hiked the Paine circuit with David Dittmar in March 2009. I've done a lot of backpacking on my own, but I chose to go with one their scheduled trips because I didn't want to hassle the arrangements and because I wanted to travel with someone who could introduce me to the park. As things turned out, that was a really fortunate decision on my part. David absolutely knows the territory and is knowledgeable and capable in the craft of guiding. He introduced me to the flora and fauna of the area, much ... view more of which was totally unfamiliar, and was a very pleasant companion on the trail. Also, when special arrangements needed to be made in the course of the hike, he handled them very efficiently.

His 12-day Paine Circuit trip hits all the high spots, offers flexibility in handling the most difficult stretch of the trip (between Camp Perros and the Gray refugio), and also features a don't-miss-it half-day ice hike on the Gray Glacier. Those considering a "W" trip should really take a few extra days and do the entire Paine circuit. The circuit is so much more than the peaks you see from the front side -- it's the forests and glaciers and Montana-like valleys and the relatively uncrowded trails of the back side. Plus, the view of the Gray Glacier from John Gardner Pass is truly special.

David also offers planning and logistics services for those who don't necessarily want to do a pre-scheduled trip but who need help putting the pieces together from a distance to create their own custom self-guided trip. I think this would be an extremely valuable service for self-directed adventurers, especially those looking at a Paine Circuit hike or other hike within the Torres del Paine park, given the relatively confusing and incomplete nature of the public information sources which have to do with lodging in the park. Drawing on David's knowledge and connections, I'm sure you'd end up profiting from the service and saving a lot of hassles in the process.

 2  Ashley Fieglein / Torres del Paine Circuit
I traveled to Patagonia on my own in December 2006. I had wanted to go backpacking in the Torres Del Paine national park for years, but I had never had the opportunity. Suddenly I was leaving my job and would have time, but no one to travel with. After researching on the Internet, I was connected with David Dittmar who organized for me what would be the experience of a lifetime.

I ended traveling solo with my guide, David, on this incredibly beautiful yet challenging hike. David agreed to my request ... view more that we speak Spanish the whole time, and tolerated with a smile my very poor language skills. It was like having a week of Spanish lessons, as well as geology classes with details on the formation of the mountains, the types of plants, trees and flowers and the history of the region.

Torres del Paine is a beautiful park with incredible glaciers, granite mountains, dense forests, enchanted valleys, wildflowers, wildlife, lakes, rivers, waterfalls, etc. I found myself whispering "wow" at the breathtaking views throughout the trip. The terrain is generally hilly and at times very steep, but the distances are very manageable. The refuges around the park are staffed with warm, friendly people. The food is generally delicious (although admittedly you're so hungry and tired of peanuts and raisins that everything feels gourmet) and the hot showers and flush toilets redefine camping in a very positive way.