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Welcome to M19519. M19519 was founded by British Polar Explorer Jim McNeill. With more than 25 years of polar expeditioning Jim is an accomplished polar explorer, presenter and keynote speaker. Jim’s vision is to give others the opportunity to travel to remote areas, beyond the bounds of tourism, to take part in journeys that are worthwhile and life changing.
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 1  Merel den Daas / High Arctic Canada - Arctic Experience
Overall Experience - Fantastic! I really enjoyed it! I just want to go back! What shall I say? They were great!

Merel den Daas

 2  Pauline Southam / Supplier M19519
Life Changing - totally amazing - felt sorry to be back in 'reality' 100% total satisfaction! Jim McNeill and Ian McCarthy were 100% professional at all necessary times and can honestly say that I felt 100% safe at ALL times. I did not doubt the journey choices Jim made were absolute correct at the chosen times.

Thanks, Pauline Southam

 3  Brendon Grunewald / Supplier M19519
The trip was well organized and had a good mix of adventure and comfort level. I’d certainly recommend this trip for people looking for a polar experience. Jim’s experience in the field gives one a solid sense of comfort and underlying confidence, something that’s essential on a trip like this. Ian’s eagle eye and knowledge of the natural environment is exceptional, his helpful nature was extremely well appreciated.

Regards, Brendon Grunewald

 4  Cheryl Evans / Supplier M19519
This was a very positive experience. Each day brought a variety of experiences. Both leaders worked extremely hard to keep us safe. They were aware of all potential dangers and planned ahead accordingly. They worked well as a leadership team and contributed to the happy and positive atmosphere.