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Our company was founded by Sandra Errichetti, who is also responsible for all of its activities and programs.

Sandra earned a graduate degree in Art History in 1994 at the University of Padua, one of the most ancient universities in the world. She then earned a postgraduate degree in Management of Museums and Art Institutions. Until 1996 she worked at the Civic Museum of Padua, which is world famous for Giotto's painting s in the Scrovegni Chapel.

She then spent a year (1997-98) in Chicago, a city that she loves for its atmosphere and architecture. In the windy city Sandra collaborated with one of the finest tour operators specializing in Italian travel. She then moved to Bangkok where she lived for 6 months, experiencing the beauty of South East Asian cultures. After that, a dream came true and she moved to Rome.

In Rome, Sandra worked for 4 years in various important museums (Capitoline Museum, National Archeological Museum in Palazzo Massimo, Domus Aurea) and many important art exhibits. In 1999 she became Official Tour Guide for the city of Rome and started working as a private guide.

In 2002 Sandra started-up the company where she now collaborates with a team of guides. The guides, all licensed by the city of Rome, are chosen not only based on their deep knowledge of the city, but also for their warmth and communication skills. The philosophy of M19546 is based on helping a guest discover the Eternal City as you would with a trusted Roman friend.

Why choosing us

1. Gain a deeper understanding: All our guides have university degrees either in Arts, History or Archeology, and often also postgraduate specialization in specific topics. They have many years of experience and will be happy to share with you their knowledge and the insights to make you gain a deep understanding of the treasures of Rome. Of course they are perfectly fluent in English.

2. Have fun: We carefully select our tour guides not only based on their academic background but also for their personal characteristics. M19546 guides are friendly, entertaining and passionate about their work. We want to make sure that your private tour will be not only educational but also a fun experience.

3. Skip the long queues: We will make reservations to all major attractions (like Vatican museum and Colosseum) so that you will not waste time waiting in lines. Additionally we can give you suggestions for restaurants and make the reservations for you (please note that reservations are made only in conjunction with the purchase of a tour).

4. Enjoy total comfort: Worried about being late or not finding the meeting point? If you wish, your private guide will come to meet you at the hotel so you can start your day in total relax.

5. Be safe: All our guides have gained the Official Tour Guide License by passing a rigorous test administered by the Province of Rome. This provides an additional guarantee of quality. Please note that if you take a guide who is NOT officially licensed (as some companies are offering), you are incurring the risk that during a control done by the Municipal Police the guide will be forced to stop the tour with you.

5. Don't waste your time: We offer only private tours because time is precious and we want to give you full flexibility for enjoying your time. With our guides you will be totally free to stop for a gelato (the famous Italian ice cream), ask one hundred questions about one place or skip something that you or your family members are not interested in.

6. Discover the Roman flavor: Why coming to Rome and choosing a tour guide from Minnesota? We believe that the time with your guide is part of your Italian experience and that only a local guide will give you the true Italian flavor and will be able to answer all your questions about the Roman culture and way of life. That’s why all our guides are truly Roman.

7. Choose what is right for you: If you don’t find what you are looking for in our tours offering just tell us. We will be happy to make a customized tour based on your preferences. Also let us know if you have any special needs (disabilities, traveling with children) and we will make sure that the tour will be perfectly suited for you.

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