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M19580 got kick-started in early 2007 with a Private Message (PM) on a motorcycle Message Board between two long-time friends: "Dude, we need to talk". We seek to create the most extraordinary Motorcycle Adventure Touring experience possible, and make it within the reach of every motorcycle rider on the planet.

Two long-time entrepreneurs, both lifetime motorcycle riders and collectors. Robert, from the healthcare, aviation and hospitality industries, has traveled repeatedly to the Dominican Republic since the mid-1980's. Ed, the pioneer of residential accelerated information technology training, has the indomitable spirit of long-past adventurers. Both had recently sold entrepreneurial ventures and still had the unquenched urge to create something special. A proud tri-lingual Dominicana, Alida is educated and experienced in the Dominican Republic tourism industry, with a passion for the beauty, culture and environment of her beloved homeland.

One exotic, largely undiscovered gem of a Caribbean nation, Dominican Republic with incredible mountain roads, fantastic beaches, extraordinary tropical landscape, abundant natural wonders, over 500 years of deeply steeped, historic Latin culture and an endearing "no problema" attitude within its people.

Adventure-equipped 2008 Suzuki V-Strom 650 dual sport adventure motorcycles. A brawny 15 Passenger Tour Van. Pulling a trailer full of tour amenities. Several authentic, laid-back Dominican Resorts spread around the country. Riding Routes taking guests to astonishing, mind-bending tropical locales they had only dreamed about. Mix the ingredients well, and there you have it: a M19580 Adventure Tour where your motorcycle riding passion meets your Caribbean fantasy.

Be Prepared to Be Surprised. You'll understand why we say: "We're not in Kansas anymore, Toto..."

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 1  RoadStar Girl / North Coast M19580 Tour
If you want to see, hear, feel, and taste the Dominican Republic, this is your wildest dream come true. This is a riding trip that perfectly matches the extremely nimble Suzuki V-Strom 650 with winding, twisty roads, like "The Tail of the Iguana." This bike is the epitome of what a dual sport bike is about, with quick acceleration and superb handling, on different road types that will challenge your ability to ride without whooping and hollering.

Forget the boring Americanized vacation to a ... view more resort, looking at the same beach all week and talking to someone from your hometown. This is the full Dominican riding experience. The rice paddies, pineapple plantations, coconut groves, crashing ocean waves and high mountain vistas that is what you will get. Smiling faces, kids in school uniforms waving and shouting "Hola!"

Native tour guides who know where to go and how to get there that is what you will get. A face that hurts from smiling all day. Take my word for it, this is a trip that is NOT to be missed!

 2  ThorHiney / Great Tour...
A seven day adventure tour with M19580 is like being in a great movie for a week. There is number one, plenty of action packed riding, beautiful scenery, colorful characters, guided by lead rider Ed. M19580 ramps up the plot every day and add their share of light comedy all along the way. Robert is definitely the director in this production with Alida being the producer working behind the scenes to make things run smoothly.

This crew will take care of you. You are going to have a great time starring ... view more in your own adventure in the Caribbean. Riding V-Stroms around paradise.. what's not to like? Do it NOW! This is a real thumbs up and just too good to miss. I loved it.