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M19698 agency operates an extensive excursion program with well experienced English (and other languages) speaking guides besides ticketing, accommodation and transfer services.

M19698 tour programs cover the entire territory of the Republic of Macedonia, including the most attractive natural and historical sites of the country whether on a daily tour basis or round trips. Also like pioneers in regional cooperation in Balkans, we promote the regional beauties and historical sites in neighboring countries especially in Albania and Lake Prespa region bordering Macedonia and Greece what is the basis for sustainable development of our region and country.

The successful M19698 story was launched in 2005, when an enthusiastic doctor of medicine, Dr. Diell Agolli, establishing his own company, started to fulfill his dreams from the youth. Using his national and international personal and professional contacts he started to promote his unique birth town. The exceptional motive was to try to rebrand Ohrid as a touristic destination, because this city of UNESCO was forgotten on the world touristic maps after the 10 years wars in the Balkans. After launching the business our attention was attracted with potentials of the region and regional cooperation, what becomes the cornerstone of all our actions.

At first we started with completely new programs in touristic offer in our country, introducing excursions in the neighboring countries, involving local people in the villages with processing local food to our customers, trying to promote eco life with biking and mountaineering etc. We recognized that our goals are the same like global tendencies in so called sustainable tourism. We made a step forward, and widened our actions in establishing the first school for byzantine stile painting, helped the promotions of traditional arts and handicrafts: hand made paper, Ohrid pearls producing, silver filigree jewelry producing, woodcarving, home made brandy distilleries, tapestry , pottery etc. With all our activities and efforts, we became a respectable incoming agency in Macedonia.

Our last advice to all our future guests visiting Ohrid and Macedonia: "When you pack yourself for a trip, instead of luggage, only take your intellectual and spiritual curiosity. Then, your album from the trip will be an autobiographic and epistolar manuscript."

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