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Jiri Balej and Hawaii Artist, Margaret Stanton, know Prague, its history, its language and its customs, all to insure that your visit in the Czech Republic will be rich and memorable. On May 23 – 29, 2011 we will show you Prague and the best of what the city has to offer, while Fine Artist, Rod Cameron teaches all the steps to plein air painting, on an exciting 5 day/6 night hotel/tour & painting workshop package of Prague for Artists and their Guests.

This is a great time to see Prague. It's sparkling once again! Repairs to Prague Castle are complete for the next 100 years. Sculptures in Old Town. . . nearly everywhere in Prague, are fixed up, and the scaffolds are down! New gardens have opened this year, and we have the best painting locations in Prague. We will show you Prague from the inside out, as artist, with the knowledgeable and gracious Rod Cameron who shares his skills as a master landscape and figure painter during 5 five painting workshops. Also included is an evening figure painting workshop with a live ballerina and personal instruction. This will help each artist to deepen their understanding of fundamentals and artistic expression.

We provide for you and your guest the smoothest accommodations, one block from MoMA, Airport meet and greet, Daily workshops and excursions included, help and information in planning your trip, drying and mailing artwork and savings on food and entertainment. Guests of Each attending artist are welcomed, and can enjoy the daily Prague tours, information, savings and all the fun FREE. . . and pay only for their own accommodations at our special discounted rate. This is a trip of a lifetime so that your Plein Air Painting Experience and tour in Prague will be absolutely amazing! Please contact us with any questions that you have.

This Spring, May 23 - 29, 2011, while the Lipa Trees are blooming and the classical concert session is going on, Jiri, Margaret and Artist, Rod Cameron, bring each artist and their guest for a six night stay in the center of Prague, to create in the streets where Mozart composed his famous symphonies. Jiri and Margaret will host 10 artists and their guests on a trip to the heart of the real Bohemia, Prague . . . and if your heart is says yes, then seize this remarkable opportunity, and Join us in Prague as the artist that you are!

Drawing on his education and a wealth of experience, the workshop teacher, Rod Cameron shares his inspiration to create soulful images of the places and people he paints. He shows each student All the Steps to Plein Air Painting with demonstrations and personal instruction, helping each artist to their own abilities; learning composition, laying down a foundation quickly, creating atmospheric perspective, fresh color harmonies, expression and much more.

Rod Cameron's calling to be an artist came early on. Now a lifetime of study and artistic accomplishments has earned him acclaim as both a teacher and one of the most collected and best known painters in Hawaii.

Rod Cameron's oil paintings are in galleries, as well as private and corporate collections, throughout Hawaii the United States and Europe. This year a Rod Cameron painting will be the official commemorative art poster for the Merrie Monarch International Hula Festival in Hawaii, the most viewed event in the state.

He studied at the Otis Art Institute, the Art Students League in NY, a painting internship with Keith Ward Palm Springs, plus illustrated over a dozen children's books, with more than fifty awards for art, illustration and design; including one National Ben Franklin Gold and several Silver Awards.

Rod Cameron attended Life Drawing out of the Jessie Botke Studio, and was an adjunct professor with the University of California at Santa Barbara. His dynamic painting workshops for landscapes and figure painting in both Hawai'i and Prague attract artists of all levels.

For 20 years Jiri and Margaret travel nearly every year back to his hometown of Prague. . . and create and in their own uniquely Bohemian way. As both artists and musicians, they come here to be a part of a creative pulse that has thrived in Prague for centuries! Prague is a gorgeous city still at the center of European culture, art, music, literature and architectural beauty. We have daily excursions that will inspire and delight you! We guarantee it!

Contact us to find out more about how you can paint with confidence and take your painting to the next level while enjoying a fabulous week in Prague!
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Prague Artist Escape
Be one of ten artists in the most beautiful, hottest destination cities in the world, Prague! Take your painting skills to a new level with a master landscape & figure painting artist!

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USD 1400 / Per person
Vacation School
Season: May
Czech Republic

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 1  Sharon Ennis / Rod Cameron\'s Teaching
Watching you work is awesome! Your explanations are clear, concise, and easy to follow. The energy you get into your work and your use of tools, helped me meet my own target! While you worked with your students, your personal connection was noted and appreciated both by the individual and the observer(s).

 2  Amy Markham / Painting Workshops with Rod Cameron
You\'re a very impressive teacher - Your information is vast!

It was a lively group, and everyone learned a significant amount of info. I really appreciated your natural leadership skills and strong graciousness.

 3  Jose Tilanus / Rod Cameron Painting workshop
The most amazing thing of the workshop for me was that we learned to see ever more and to reproduce ever faster. The final result for me was a surprising artistry!