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Welcome to M19924, the leading online travel service in Yunnan, China! This is the best travel service in Yunnan.

M19924 is a professional online travel service company which is qualified to run the business mainly for overseas tourists traveling in China and Chinese inbound travel. As a leading online tour operator in Yunnan, M19924 is well-known as the excellent trip adviser, professional English-speaking tour guides, and experienced driver, leading network technology and the advanced people -oriented managing concept.

We offer global tourists as well as business travelers not only comprehensive travel information but also a tour, hotel and air ticket booking service. With many years experience specializing in Yunnan travel, we can tailor-make your own itinerary according to your different request and interesting. We also can provide best price and high quality service to assure your satisfaction throughout your travel with us.

Our header quarter is located in Lijiang, an Oriental Venice in Yunnan province, China. Take Yunnan province as the base, we arrange the tour in Southwest China so called Grand Shangri-La Tourist Zone including Yunnan, Guizhou, Sichuan, and Tibet, especially now we are developing the tourism market for the neighboring countries of Yunnan including Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand and Cambodia, Nepal and India. The Mekong River(Lancang River in China) flows from Tibet and out form Yunnan. We provide the Mekong River Cruise Tour from Yunnan to Golden Triangle and Laos. This will be your fantastic trip to China and Southeast Asia countries.

In order to help some poor children in remote and ethnic area, lonely kids at orphanage, we arrange adoption tour for international tourists. Hope you can share one piece of your love to these children. Every year we will donate part of the travel expense to the poor children to finish their education.

Come on! Please do not hesitate to explore the beauty and diversity of China with us.
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