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M19984 is an all around fully licensed travel agency where our customer and the Icelandic nature are put into the foreground. We plan our clients’ trips from A-Z, and acquire whichever service that is needed to make the tour as enjoyable as possible. M19984‘s directors and employees lay heavy emphasis on offering you your dream trip in Iceland.

We can plan everything about your trip, whether it's accommodation in Iceland or any activity you can think of, renting a car from our car rental which has numerous 4x4 cars or using our highland taxi service which can take you wherever you want, or taking our many different trips or anything else your mind can think of doing in Iceland.

We have about 30 years worth of experience in navigating travelers around Iceland, both underground navigating lava tubes and also above ground going for thrill trips speeding over glaciers on Icelandic 4x4 mountain vehicles. Our knowledge of the country is extensive, both geographical and geological and our tour guides are experts in geology.

M19984 is an all around business that provides a personal service at the highest degree. We offer any kind of tours even if it’s around seldom traveled parts of the country or from the lowest subterranean levels to the highest glacial peaks, at any time of the year.

We do our very best to reach our clients demands regarding short trips and long trips, guided tours and counseling on individual tours. Our fleet consists of a many coaches and numerous super 4x4 jeeps. Let us plan your tour around Iceland or to some of it’s more hidden pearls and we’ll fulfill your vacation’s wishes in details.
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