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Base of operations: Italy
I was just six years old when my parents brought me to Florence...and it was love at first sight!

My love for Florence was undiminished while studying, working and traveling around the world. Wherever I have been, the attraction of Florence has drawn me back, time after time like a magnet whose force I am powerless to resist. Each visit unfolded more of its treasures to explore and discover-the obvious beauty and architecture of the city, its wonderful diversity of churches and museums, its rich and fascinating history, and the delicious food, wine and specialties of Tuscany!

Finally I surrendered and came to live here some ten years ago. Now that I am an "adopted Florentine," my life and work has become sharing its riches and guiding the curious and discerning visitor to discover and share the secrets and wonders it continually reveals. My enthusiasm is boundless and I feel truly privileged to call this magnificent city my home. So, if you are looking for a deep and meaningful experience I would be delighted to guide you and share it with you.
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Whatever your particular interest may be, I promise to uncover it for you here in magical Florence. I invite you to join me and judge for yourself!

1. How long has the business been operating and how did it start?

As tour guide I started working in 1996. It was my passion to read and discover more behind buildings, churches, paintings, artists, traditions, food. I was reading a lot, getting lot of information and I found enjoyable to share these information with other people, so it started just by chance, enjoying showing city's details to friends, to travellers, etc.

2. What is your company's mission?

To share the beauty of Florence with others.

3. What does your company specialize in?

In individual tours throughout Florence, museums included and the surrounding area of Chianti.

4. Who is the founder or owner of the company and briefly describe his/her past activities?

This is a single man business: after having travelled extensively, trying to understand different cultures, I settled in the city that I loved from my first visit, when six years old I was travelling with my parents.

5. What is your most popular travel package and why?

A discover walking tour of the city, because it is a good introduction to the heritage of one of the most fascinating cities of the world, may be including the visit of some of the museums.

6. What is the best compliment you received from a client?

That trough my eyes and words he has learned and loved Florence having fun!

Vacation Packages offered by supplier M20023
Private Tour in Florence with Michele Colloca 10% off.
Whatever your interest in Florence, consider exploring the city accompanied by your own personal tour guide. I'll show the highlights & secrets of Florence without having to battle through the crowds!

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EUR 300 / Per group
Tour Guide
Season: January - December

Reviews and Comments
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 1  Gennady Barabtarlo / “Highly recommended”
Many guides can't avoid banalities, broad-brushing, and gross mistakes of fact or interpretation so that after 1/2 hour one feels tired. Our guide Michele Collòca kept his multinational group's attention peaked for 3 1/2 hours, until we emerged from the Vasari corridor and walked to an open-air café where a farewell glass of wine awaited us. His knowledge of the history of Florence and all the Medicis therein was prodigious, his grasp of the history of art, remarkable, and his English, exquisite. ... view more It is rare that one learns that much in a guided tour for tourists; it's rarer still that one should retain so much of that information months afterwards. Both my wife and I are most grateful to Mr Collòca and recommend him highly for a city or private tour of Florence and the Uffizi.

 2  Judy Jenner / M20023 as Tour Guide in Florence
My niece and I had the pleasure and good fortune of hiring M20023 as a private tour guide for the city of Florence on July 1, 2010. We found him on the internet and e-mailed what we were interested in seeing to him and through several e-mails, we were able to custom make the perfect tour for us. We were traveling by train from Rome for the day. He met us at the train station just as we got off the train. Immediately upon leaving the train station, our tour began. He is passionate about the city of Florence and ... view more all it has to offer. His knowledge was impressive and I learned more about religion, art and history in the day we spent together than through my entire college career! He was able to describe the progression of artistic techniques and provide interpretive meanings of the paintings and sculptures.

He is very organized, calm and flexible and we could easily alter our schedule depending on the time we wanted to spend at a particular site. We also had a minor medical complication and he kindly provided interpretive services at the pharmacy until we were able to get underway again. He also escorted us back to the train station and made sure we safely boarded our train back to Rome. We felt completely secure and safe in his care that day. It was surely money well spent. We would not have been able to do and see or learn all we did on a conventional tour. I would highly recommend Michele.

 3  Anna and James Davidson / Florence, Italy
We made our first to Calabria where we met Michele Collaca and we so taken by his knowledge of the history of Italy that when we chose to go back to Italy this time Florence we got in touch with Michele. He was as good as he was in Calabria. He is the best!

 4  Maria Fernada Modolin / Florence privat tour with Michele
I\'m Maria Fernanda, 25 years old, from São Paulo, Brasil. I was in Florence for 2 days last February and besides the art and history class, I had an amazing time with Michele. Have you ever felt that you have learned a lot about a place and the tour was very fun, easy going and absolutely not boring? That\'s what it feels walking around Florence with Michele as a guide.

Florence is amazing and there is history everywhere, and I can\'t imagine a better person to guide and show you around it!

 5  Richard Ryan / M20023 is the epitome of a well-rounded Professional Tour Guide
M20023 is the epitome of a well-rounded Professional Tour Guide... articulate, knowledgeable, competent, sincere, congenial, dedicated, confident, astute, impressive, compatible, trustworthy, factual, academically proficient, precise, amicable...

Suffice to say that he is among the best Tour Guides that I have experienced throughout my travel experiences and a credit to his profession.

 6  Donna De Meglio / our tour guide
We first meet M20023 in Calabria as our tour guide. Because of his character and wit he made the tour a \"once in a life time adventure\"for us. We made a point that any time we visited Italy to contact Michele. He would put together our itinerary and make arrangements for our lodging.

Michele gave us personal tours of places found in most tour books, but also he took us to places off the beaten track. Anyone wanting an extraordinary Italian experience should contact Michele.

 7  Steven Sloman / Tour Guide
If you are looking for a knowledgeable, trustworthy, and pleasant tour guide in Florence, you can not lose with M20023. My elderly parents, my adolescent nephew, and I all found him a fountain of information and a great pleasure to spend time with. He is easy and enthusiastic.

I highly recommend him.

 8  Steven Poltrock / Tour of Florence
I had only one day to see Florence, and Michele helped me make the best of this opportunity. While we strolled through the historic center of town he explained its history, the organization of the city, the evolution of the architecture, and the political forces that shaped its evolution. His knowledge of history, art, and architecture made this a fascinating experience.