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M20058 a US based company that provides our customers the best wing shooting vacation possible, and a trip to South America that will be safe, well organized, reliable, and 100% hassle free. M20058 is a reference and resource for duck hunting, dove hunting, pigeon hunting, and Perdiz hunting as well as dorado fishing in Argentina and Uruguay.

Our customers travel long distances to hunt and fish and since 2001, M20058 has connected thousands of people to dozens of places in Argentina and Uruguay where they enjoy the best hunting and angling in the world. Our travelers demand the best: they want total immersion in the traditions, food, and culture of their destination. The never ending search for great dove hunting, waterfowl hunting, and upland hunting is our passion, a passion we share with, and deliver for each and every one of our valued clients from all over the world.

Unlike many “adventure” travel agencies, M20058 is an owner-operator. We have not only been there, we are there. When you have spent a decade building a business like we have-you want to build a legacy that will benefit your family well into the future; that’s why every step we take, and every detail we perfect for our clients is handled by one of our specialists. That is why you can trust Los Gauchos to provide a total experience that goes well beyond pulling a trigger, or casting a tight line. Talking about hunting and fishing on another continent is one thing, but when it comes down to handling complex itineraries, international connections (both air and maritime) and transfers, you need a “Been There, Done That”-kind of company.

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