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M20104 simply means remote uninhabited regions in which organisms are allowed to exist and grow; where organism can last and flourish. We believe in the co-existence of man and the wild organisms, the ecosystem integrity while at the same time enhancing the stabilization of Rwanda’s ecological processes through support of sustainable tourism approaches and activities, which at the same time, recognize the economic values from use of biological resources.

We encourage responsible tourism, which cares and considers the earth and its inhabitants-humans and the wild. It means sharing and not exploiting. Tourism that benefits local communities and the wildlife through support of conservation. The income generated from our tour packages should have a significant positive impact on the lives of the local people.

Our tours are basically focused on working with the local poor people in fight against poverty or in other words, alleviation of poverty through community based tourism activities. We have ten operational community based tourism projects with quite a number of thrilling activities to explore.

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