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M20118 outfits package tours specializing in treks, mountaineering expeditions, cultural, archeological, Scientific and environmental study tours in Pakistan and organizes trips to China and Central Asian states in collaboration with established business associates in those countries. M20118 offers family and old age group packages and trips tailored to individual needs and budgets. It has serviced scientific research and filming projects and has pioneered environmental friendly works in collaboration with world agencies and green movements.

M20118 also arranges exciting hunting trips in the mountains of the North for licensed hunting of ibex, markhor trophies as well as wild boar hunting in the plains of Punjab. White water sports along the turbulent passage of the mighty Indus as it tumbles down through the rocky gorges of the Karakoram Mountains are also its specialty.

M20118 is a member of JATA (Japan Association of Travel Agents), PATA (Pacific Asia Travel Association) Pakistan Chapter, PATO (Pakistan Association of Tour Operators). M20118 is also represented by leading tour operators of Japan, Australia, New Zealand, USA, UK and other countries across the world.

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