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For 20 years we have been a local scuba diving store, career development center and dive operator. Captain Ted, the owner, has been a diving instructor for 33 years. He began diving at age 12 and became an instructor at 18. Now, Ted is among the top instructors in the world. He is a true professional with a passion for the sea and scuba diving.

Scuba diving opens a window to the exciting underwater world. Our goal to educate and train you, so that you may enjoy this experience with the safety that quality education provides. We would love to help you evaluate and select the right gear for your skill level and projected learning path, and provide ongoing consultation and maintenance of your gear for safety assurance.

We offer equipment, air and gas fills at the lowest prices. We are the only dive shop to offer tanks 24/7. We offer dive trips ranging from local wrecks to the most exotic destinations. We can fill air, nitrox, tri mix and argon to over 3000 psi. We offer Technical Diving and more. We work hard to earn your respect and trust.
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