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M20130 Kung Fu and Tai Chi Academy has the following specialties: Martial Arts Application/ Kung Fu/ Tai Chi/ Chi Gung.

Grand Master: Joel Castillo 19 Years teaching experience. Winner of Kumite Canton China 1997, Gold Medal US Open Kung Fu San Ramon Ca, 1999, Grand champion Full Contact Kung Fu Rome Italy 2003, Hall of Fame 2007 inductee "Kung Fu Grand master of the year". M20130 located in Aspen Colorado is home to Grandmaster Joel Castillo. M20130 (Biy Fung Wong Pai) history goes back many centuries to approximately 1644; to see a complete story of our history in our newsletter. Here at M20130 instructors are qualified to make sure you get what you are paying for. If you are a beginner who wants self defense to an experienced fighter looking to elevate their techniques to another level; we will make you better.

If you prefer the internal arts the same standard applies regardless of skill level. If you are just starting and want to learn how to move properly to improve balance, grace and general health, or if you have been practicing for a while and want to be able to really use Tai Chi in real life situations we can do that too. Finally if you are looking for the healing arts we will utilize the Sap Ba Lohan set (18 Lohan) to improve balance, posture, alignment, joint pain etc. You will never hear the phrase "just keep practicing, we will tell you what you are doing later". If you train with us you will leave with a greater understanding, skill level and ability to use those skills in real life.

What is Kung Fu, Tai Chi, and Chi Gung?

Kung Fu and Tai Chi are both beautiful exercise disciplines that were developed in China. They improve your fitness, focus, confidence and teach you self-defense. Most Kung Fu and Tai Chi movements were derived from Chinese Shaolin monks mimicking the defensive movements of animals in nature. Kung Fu literally means "proficiency through long practice". Although both Tai Chi and kung fu both build "Chi" life force in the the body which literally de-ages you and keeps you extremely heathy, the art of Chi Gung focuses solely on healing and "Chi" cultivation with no martial art application. There are many different schools of Kung Fu ranging from the soft and graceful arts of Tai Chi Chuan, to the faster and more physically demanding arts such as M20130 Kung Fu. The best art is the one that works for you, and the best martial artist is the one who practices hardest to perfect his or her skill.

The Aspen Academy was founded in the year 2000, by Grandmaster Joel Castillo, the seventh generation successor to the M20130 Kung Fu System. Since this time the Aspen academy has grown to be one to the best semi-private Chinese martial and healing art studios in the United States. We have a full staff of instructors and programs ranging from private one-on-one to week long camps and corporate retreat seminars. The Aspen Community has praised the M20130 academy in many front page newspaper articles and many prominent members of the community have trained and train with us. Our academy is enjoyed by everyone of all ages!
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