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My name is Bolod, a man who runs the M20318 in Mongolia. I grew up in a nomadic family in the far-eastern Mongolia experiencing both the joys and hardships as any boy in rural areas. I believe that an unspoiled mother-nature can easily feed us for another thousands of years while today's uncontrolled mines may hardly do it for next 50-60 years from now. I'm for an eco-cultural tourism in Mongolia.

During 1991-1999, working as a guide with foreign tourists and anthropologists, I visited all the provinces of my country. But Mongolia's land is so big that it's impossible to visit every mountain, valley or river of it. Besides my native Mongolian, I speak and read Russian, English, Italian and French. I do some private researches on the Mongols. Since 2000, I run M20318 relying on my personal experiences and of course, on my devoted assistants and experienced drivers who I work with for years. Some of them, Gerle, Bimba, Batsana, Davaa were praised by travelers even as "super driver or super mechanic" for their good jobs performed during the off-road trips to countryside.

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