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We are a touring company with a goal to make your tour to Israel and Jordan one of the best experiences possible. We are a company established to provide fun and affordable guiding in Israel and Jordan with private guides and fully air-conditioned touring vehicles. Most companies offer the same itineraries and tour programs and hotels, but when it comes down to it, the person who helps you "see" the country is your guide. If that person cannot communicate or explain the country, it's excitement, the complex politics, the different peoples, the archaeology and the history, then you are missing out. We have a team of young, experienced guides, from all walks of life, full of love of the Land and it's peoples, eager to show, explain and help you and your family/group have one of the best and most satisfying experiences possible.

We are proud that we have managed to assemble a fine team of young highly educated multi-lingual guides, most of whom speak English at mother tongue level. From a wide variety of backgrounds, but all university educated, our team includes: Archaeologists, Historians, Middle East specialists, Lawyers, Journalists and graduates and leaders of the prestigious Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel field schools. But, don't worry our guides also have the ability to work with families with young children and of all generations. Most of our guides are married with children and understand the special needs such families require.

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